Hair fall can affect both men and women at any age. The reasons for hair loss are many- stress, disease, excessive hair styling, hormonal changes, chemotherapy, genetics, and radiation therapy. There are some ways to obscure the problem which will mean it can give you the same confidence that you lost along with your hair back. Follow these tips to ensure that it doesn’t take over your life:

Medical/Professional Advice

Be it a doctor or dermatologist, the first thing to do if you’re looking for means to conceal hair loss is to consult a specialist in the respective field, they will offer you the perfect advice about possible surgical procedures, hair care tips and multiple ways in which one can diminish the appearance of hair loss and natural hair care ideas which help you regain your lost confidence.

Hats And Hair Pieces

For those who have the problem of thin hair or baldness, there are refined wigs available. If someone desires not to use wig that person may go for pull-thru hairpieces which assimilate with thier own hair. They might opt for attachable hair with clips. Majority hairpieces are available in market in synthetic or human hair. There are multiple accessories in the market which you can use to hide hair loss. Hats, bandanas, stylish caps can come handy too.



Scalp reduction, which is more of like a form of torture but don’t be discouraged. This actually is a process of removing a part of your scalp where there is hair loss or the hair has thinned and pulling the rest of the portions together. Flap surgery is somewhat similar to scalp reduction surgery. After the surgery you need to have good hair care at home.

Hair Care Products

Many hair care products are available in the market to deal with hair fall. This is a big lucrative market since a big number of people face this problem and there are various lotions which have never been effective to be successful in terms of controlling hair loss or increasing hair growth, these products have scammed a lot of people under the pretext of hair care home remedies. However there are products that have been very effective. Thus it is all up to you and your professional consultant when it comes to selecting the best hair care product.

Hair Transplants

Today hair transplant is something that has gained a lot of popularity among masses. It is the process of taking hair from one part of the head and transplanting to a part of the head where the scalp is visible and hair is thinning. This transplant should only be done by a qualified dermatologist and needs to be as patient as a monk, because hair follicle by hair follicle is painstakingly transplanted to another area of the head


Losing hair at times can lead to depression and low self confidence among the masses. If your hair problem is causing you to face low confidence or low self-esteem, speaking to a counselor at hair care center or any other professional will help you to gain confidence. Also you can go through homemade hair care tips to overcome or conceal the problem.


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