How to stop hair loss? Out of all causes of hair loss regardless of the gender, there is nothing that devastates than one caused by genetics. One of the prevalent causes of hair loss in men is Androgenic Alopecia that has for a long time been making many men bald even before scientists properly researched about genetics. In today’s world, modern scientists have found clear and strong evidence that hair loss is not related to genetics and is majorly blamed for a single chemical within the body Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It has also been known that all medications that are aimed to solve a particular hair problem specifically target DHT in addition to the other existing problems.


In some cases, the loss of hair can be as a result of anemia, protein deficiency, thyroid disease, low vitamin, and chemotherapy levels. The autoimmune destruction of hair follicles can also bring about hair loss. People use some prevention methods for hair loss such as good hair hygiene, regular shampooing, and good nutrition. One of the best-known products that can help you very much to improve and prevent hair loss is Profollica. Want to know how to stop hair loss? Let’s read the full review of this hair loss cure.

What is Profollica?

Profollica is simply a combination of 3 hair loss products that are formulated to address the issue of hair loss because of the existence of Dihydrotestosterone in a body system even after coming to the surface via the skin. The three products found in Profollica are Nutritional Supplement, Profollica Shampoo, and Shower Gel.

When compared to other hair care products, which designed to prevent hair loss, Profollica is able to address the issue of hair loss from both outside and the inside and not just one or the other.


The most common type of hair loss in men is the male pattern baldness, thinning hair and receding hairline. Genetics is one of the major causes and is associated with male sex hormones known as androgens which are responsible for regulation of hair growth. To solve this issue, Profollica is used and can be ordered online with ease.


Profollica has several ingredients which have specific proportions and were majorly chosen depending on their ability to block Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), revitalize hair follicles, prevent hair thinning and also increase blood circulation. The compounds have their first effects visible within some weeks after one starts to use the hair loss product. Below is a list of the major ingredients that form Profollica:

  • Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum Extract that irrigates both DHT and bacteria from scalp.
  • Salvia Sclarea Extract that stimulates and attaches to DHT.
  • Kigelia Africana Extract that is responsible for blocking enzymes.
  • Gingko Biloba Extract which is known to stimulate microcirculation in the scalp.
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract responsible for scalp stimulation to increase hair depth.

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Advantages of Using Profollica

  1.  The product is made up of natural active ingredients and does not require and doctor prescription for its use.
  2.  Both Hair Gel and Profollica Shampoo form a perfect combination for addressing DHT issues which bring about hair loss especially on the surface level.
  3.  The hair loss cure is very effective in maintaining strong health on the dormant hairs and also promotes the growth of hair through stimulation.
  4. Profollica gets rid of hair that has unwanted DHT-filled sebum and replaces it with the moisture that comes from the gel.
  5.  Apart from addressing the issue of DHT within the body of an individual, it provides proper nutrients that the body may lack in order to sustain a healthy hair.
  6.  It can be used by both men and women and give better results.



  1.  The hair loss treatment doesn’t work for women who have lost their hair as a result of other causes apart from the existence of DHT within their body systems.
  2.  It doesn’t produce immediate results.
  3.  After use of the product, one can see some noticeable results after months.
  4.  Majorly works on certain degree of severity of hair loss condition.

Possible Side Effects

No two or more individuals are the same in any way. How one may feel or experience after using Profollica hair loss cure may not be the same for other individuals. Today, there isn’t any claim of harmful side effects of Profollica although in some cases there may arise a reaction to some of the ingredients depending on the body of an individual. If you experience any reaction or symptoms after the intake of Profollica, you just need to visit a doctor. Apart from the allergic reactions that can occur, this product is relatively safer to baldness when compared to other medication types such as Propecia which some consumers claim that it has negative side effects.

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How Profollica Hair Loss Cure Works

Profollica natural supplement majorly works from the inside of an individual’s body by providing the necessary Vitamins and Minerals which nourishes and also promotes healthy hair. The intake of Profollica can either be done before or after the application of Profollica Gel and Profollica Shampoo after a shower. When it’s taken before a bath, Profollica Shampoo acts as a cleaner and thus removes each hair strand that contains DHT which causes the hair strand to thin and recede the hairline. Most men who have relatively higher testosterone levels in their bodies are likely to have plenty of DHT which makes them suffer from baldness more than women.

In today’s world, most people who do not need surgery find themselves in chemical hair growth formulas. Mostly, these medications burn your scalp and also can cause some serious and irreversible harm to different body organs. On the other hand, Profollica has a track record of not bringing side effects. It is the best and natural product that is easy to tolerate. Also, individuals should understand that there is no need of putting up the disfigurement associated with baldness. Few simple changes can easily restore normal hair growth and make you live a happy life ever. Once you start using this product, you will be amazed on how to easily regain hair.


User Reviews

It is possible that one dismisses the Profollica reviews from most review sites since the reviews on the company’s website in addition to other sites that are managed by UNICO majorly show an unfair view of this particular product. Most of these testimonials shown in different sites would be the untrue ones commonly called rave reviews. For one to get the exact and honest information concerning Profollica in terms of its effectiveness as well as ingredients, a thorough research should be undertaken.

This is because an honest site will have both positive and negative reviews depending on the reaction of the product to an individual. Most of the negative reviews are as a result of a variety of reasons, and mostly if the desired results were not achieved. But the lack of result doesn’t indicate that the product is ineffective simply because there may arise some human error in following the specified instructions. It should also be understood that different people have different reactions towards certain products and not everyone will respond in a similar manner to the other.

Where to Buy Profollica

Profollica can easily be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website

The manufacturer of Profollica hair loss solution isn’t a large company as compared to other major pharmaceutical companies. Due to this reason, their distribution system isn’t that wide. In some cases, it can be found in some online stores although some people might doubt its originality or its legitimacy. The following packages are offered:

  • One month supply at the cost of $80
  • Six month supply at the cost of $300 ($50 per month)

Apart from these, Profollica hair loss cure has a 60-day money guarantee in case you find the hair care product not working or want to consider other options.

Review Conclusion

From most online reviews, it has been proved that Profollica hair care product works best in controlling hair loss. It not only controls but also helps in re-growing the hair. The safe and powerful ingredients of this product have made it more effective against DHT and other dust particles in hair. In most markets today, you will find many techniques for treating hair loss. What makes Profollica very different from other hair loss solutions is simply its hair treatment method.

Most of the hair loss treatments out there only provide one with a shampoo type of treatment while others simply offer a supplement pill. Profollica hair loss solution for men is very different since it provides one with both. In addition, the supplement and Gel complement each other, and thus boosts the effectiveness when used in unison.

According to some studies, Profollica is said to have approximately helped over 90% in reducing the effect of hair regrowth and loss. However, when you buy this product, you will be purchasing a blended group of natural ingredients that will majorly help in the restoration of hair follicles to their former activity levels.

Also, none of the ingredients will interfere with your internal organs. If you are in need of restoring your hair back, then you can just reverse your lost hair without any risks being involved to your life through the use of Profollica hair loss cure. Typically, individuals who have started using Profollica have noticed an increase in hair growth within a span of few weeks. Regardless of hair thinning, hairline receding or almost all gone, this hair care product can help you to look younger and healthier.

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Profollica Review Summary and Overall Rating

Profollica Review Summary and Overall Rating












  • Natural Ingredients
  • Promotes New Hair Growth
  • Regulates Sebum Production
  • Contains Clinically Proven Ingredients
  • Studies Show Successful Results


  • Available Online Only


  1. The last time I tried a hair loss product it was sort of leaving some redness on my head. is that normal and does that happen with this product?

  2. Very well written. Profollica does seem like the best product to use if you have some hair loss. I wonder if these products really grow hair back OR if they are just making your hair stronger so that it does not fall out as fast?

  3. The last time I used a hair loss product was this one. I was impressed with how I could see little hairs growing in spots that I didn’t notice it before. I think the product works fine and I might come back to it, I just wanted to try something different for a while.

    • I think that if you can keep your hair healthy, that will help regardless of your age or sex. Good point!

  4. Hair loss is just a common thing for men, don’t you think? I have never met anyone that was not going to go bald at some point in their life. I wonder how many men actually think about buying products like this.

  5. It’s interesting to hear that the people at Profollica created a diverse treatment formed of 3 things. I often see that a single product can’t cure something so this approach seems much more likely to succeed.

    • I agree with you. You can use products like Rogaine and then wash your head with the wrong shampoo or use a shower gel that isn’t appropriate and then wonder why nothing works. Rogaine is probably not a good product but washing your head with something that doesn’t help at all is also not a good idea.

  6. I’ve used the Profollica hair loss treatment for the past 2 months and I was expecting more to be honest. I can see some movement but I have heard other people claim they got back over half of their hair within 2 months.


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