Hair loss has been a very serious problem since ages and since that time people has searched for help; one of the first hair fall solutions dates back to the primal Egyptian civilization. The Egyptians prescribed very peculiar combination of herbs like mixture of iron oxide with red lead, onions, alabaster and honey along with animal fats.

While these were the strange herbs the Egyptian used, today different people suggest different remedy for hair fall.

If you are experiencing loss of hair i.e. shedding without regrowth, it is advisable that you use the following prevention methods without any delay because the sooner you start the process the easier it will be to stimulate regrowth.

Traditional remedies to prevent hair fall may include masks, and other organic substances. Listed below are a few homemade tips that will help you with your problems.

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Onion Juice: A study published by The Journal of Dermatology confirmed that 20 of the 23 people who applied onion juice on their scalps twice a day witnessed hair regrowth within six weeks. Researchers believe that the flavonoids may have anti-inflammatory effects on your scalp. Onion juice is the best hair fall treatment.


One of the natural ways to prevent hair loss is to apply onion juice with Cognac brandy and the extracted juice of the roots of dathura which you get after boiling it. One part brandy should be mixed with four pieces of onion juice and six parts of dathura extraction. Apply it on your scalp, massaging gently, and wash it after 2-3 hours and see the change within first few weeks.

Another remedy to prevent dry seborrhea is to use warm water and rub the head handfuls of salt for about 15 minutes, at least once a week. Then rinse with warm water. Six washes and rubbing salt on head is enough to stop hair loss and dry eczema.

Take 5 -10 -percent solution of Sophora infused vodka. Sophora is available in the market but it is quite expensive. Infuse the mixture of vodka and sophora for 21 days in a dark place.

Baking soda therapy: Mix 3 tablespoon of baking soda with some water. Once done shampooing hair rinse it with this mixture and allow it to settle for 15-20 min before giving your hair final rinse. The therapy will remove excessive shampoo and chemicals from the shampoo that settle on your hair and will maintain the silkiness and the shine of the hair.


For bouncy hair: Warm water mixed with apple cider vinegar with one to one ratio and then applied on your hair. Make sure you rinse your hair after 15-20 min to get rid of the strong apple cider vinegar smell. This method is one of the finest hair thinning solutions.

Avoid washing hair frequently: Washing hair after every 2-3 days is healthy for your hair because washing your hair less will also help your scalp regain your hair’s natural body and luster.

Make your conditioner: Mix eggs with yogurt and apply it on your scalp and leave it for five to ten minutes, and then wash it off completely; it will act as a natural conditioner for your hair and will make your hair strong and healthy.

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