Sugaring, Hair, Removal

Sugaring hair removal is similar to waxing but unlike waxing, does not involve heating the substance that is applied to your skin. Like waxing, sugaring hair removal can be painful but it does offer similar results to waxing.

Some people choose to create their own sugar product at home from a recipe rather than buying it from a store but there are commercially available products available if you’re not into creating one yourself.

Basically, you take a suitable amount of the sugar and press it against the skin to be treated and then cover the sugar with a cloth or paper strip similar to what you’d use for waxing.

You then quickly remove the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth in a similar fashion to a wax strip to remove the hair. You repeat the process until the unwanted hair is removed.

Here are some things to think about if you’re considering sugaring.

Sugaring: Benefits

  • Tends to provide similar hair removal results as waxing i.e. several weeks of hair removal.
  • Sugaring generally involves less clean up than waxing. It doesn’t require heating like waxing does so it’s less messy.
  • Unlike wax which is used once, sugar strips can be reused.

Sugaring: Considerations

  • Can be painful.
  • Like waxing, sugaring hair removal can be difficult to do on your own.
  • Like waxing, certain BB parts should not be sugared and some are best handled by a professional.
  • Can irritate some skin.

My Experience

My sugaring hair removal experience was a recent one and I found it to be a more tolerable process with similar if not better results than what I saw with waxing. I bought a commercial sugaring hair removal kit from a local store rather than using a sugaring hair removal recipe to create one myself. I didn’t really have the desire to create one myself and felt that purchasing a commercial sugaring product was better for me.

Sugaring, Hair, RemovalThe sugar product that I bought consisted of strips of a toffee-like substance that are protected by thin sheets of paper to keep each strip separate.

In my experience, the main difference between waxing and sugaring is that the sugar was not heated and was in a solid form. It sort of resembles toffee if that helps to visualize what it looks like.

Both processes hurt equally in my experience but I found sugaring to be a bit more tolerable since it doesn’t involve drippy and possibly messy wax that has to be reheated every so often before being applied.

The fact that sugaring involves using an unheated product was a benefit in my opinion. As with other hair removal options the results and side effects of sugaring will vary by person.

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