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Shaving is perhaps the most well-known and regularly practiced form of temporary hair removal for both men and women.

While the hair removal only lasts a day or so at best, it remains one of the most cost effective methods to quickly deal with unwanted hair.

We’ve probably all seen the pictures of men with bits of paper on their faces to cover up cuts and we’ve probably all had our own share of blood letting!

But whether it’s a man shaving his face daily or a woman removing unwanted hair, most of us will shave a body part(s) at some point in our life!

As far as options go, you can choose betweenmanual razors and electric shavers of various shapes, sizes and costs.

Newer electric shavers now offer built in cream dispensers to enable you to lubricate your face before shaving. I personally use one of these cream dispending shavers and really like it. I’ve noticed that my skin doesn’t get irritated, I get no razor burn and rarely cut myself anymore.

Here are some things to think about before you start shaving.

Shaving: Benefits

  • Generally removes hair quickly and cost effectively.
  • Can be done at home on your own.
  • When done properly, can leave skin very smooth and temporarily hair free.

Shaving: Considerations

  • Provides several days of hair removal at best before hair grows back.
  • Razor burn (skin irritation) is common a side effect.
  • Shaving can cause cuts, bleeding and skin irritation.
  • Needs to be repeated regularly to maintain hair free skin.

Why Use An Electric Shaver

As a guy, I shave my face daily but have a goatee so I need to get rid of some facial hair while leaving the rest.

After shaving with disposable razors for many years, I got an electric razor and immediately saw the benefits. Then in the last year, I got the electric razor with the shaving lubricant dispenser and this is the best product I’ve used yet.

I certainly notice the benefits of this new style of electric razor and am very glad to have this product.

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