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Does Black Hair Growth Possible?

A lot of people believe that black hair does not grow as fast or as well as other kinds of hair. Black black hair growthhaired people tend to agonize over this idea. It’s a myth.

The fact is that, given a reasonable state of good health, all kind of hair grows by the same amount; approximately ½ inch per month. That comes to about 6 inches a year. The real problem is hair damage and hair loss. Losing a few strands a day is normal. That’s how the normal life-cycle of hair works. Damaged hair will not grow at the same rate and will fall off earlier. And an inordinate degree of hair loss tends to give the impression that the hair is not growing fast enough or not at all.

Black hair has a unique physical structure which makes it particularly susceptible to hair abuse. A gentle hair care technique that pampers and nurture your hair is the answer.

We are talking about products that keep your hair moisturized, and treating your hair gently so that it can grow. Here are some tips that will send you on your way to healthy and growing black hair.

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Be Gentle. When taking care of your hair take your time and be patient. Don’t treat your hair roughly. Pamper it and it will reward you with less damage and healthy growth.
Use Products specific to Black hair. As black hair tends to be dryer and more brittle than the other kinds, it would be a good idea to look out for products that are made specifically for it.

Don’t brush your hair too much. Another myth exposed: 100 strokes a day is not good for it. Especially if you have curly or frizzy hair. Brushes can be particularly destructive to that kind of hair, pulling it out by the roots. In fact, don’t use a hair brush at all. A wide-toothed comb, used gently is good. Or use your fingers to gently work through your hair.
Don’t go to bed with your hair in curlers. Barettes, scrunchies, or Hairbands are no-nos too. They put too much pressure on your hair. Know how it feels when you are all stressed out. It’s the same for your hair.


Condition! Always condition your hair after washing it. A proper conditioner helps seal in the moisture.

Go for a kind hairstyle. Lots of tight hair styles are popular these days. Unfortunately they are very unkind to hair. They tend to pull hard on the scalp. Tight braids, extensions, hair pieces, wigs, if worn often will tend to pull out your hair. Many suffer from traction alopecia as a consequence. You want a hairstyle that does not stress out your hair and scalp.

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Here are some style ideas. If you have medium length hair, wet it, gently comb it and smooth it back. You can tie it with a scrunchie. Just don’t go to bed with it. For short hair, you can wear a soft cloth hair band around your head, which matches with your outfit.

Live healthy. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly try to live a healthy life. A healthy body and mind will take care of most of your hair worries.

Now you know most of the facts about black hair. Leave your worries behind. Most hair problems can be solved if you go about it the right way. So don’t waste time! Start now!


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