How to stop hair loss? Having hair loss problems is very common for both men and women. Today, it is common to see individuals being faced with the effects of baldness which comes as a result of hair loss. Baldness not only affects the physical appearance, but also the state of an individual’s mind. Both men and women face this problem although the reasons vary. However, a normal hair regrowth doesn’t occur until they decide to use the necessary hair growth supplements.

For the men, healthy and full hair is a major sign of virility. Hair thinning in men is associated with age, and thus the young men tend to find it impossible to cope with this condition, more so if other procedures such as transplants have been excluded due to financial reasons or fear. Most men suffer from male pattern baldness which is a generic characteristic that is inherited. For the women, studies show that one out of four women is said to suffer from the female version of pattern baldness although the very first signs appear during menopause.

Some people claim that the baldness or receding hairline in women is caused by hairdryers, perms or too much brushing. Conversely, the main cause of female pattern baldness is either stems from hormonal imbalances, hereditary or from serious health issues. Both men and women who are facing the problem of hair loss, Provillus hair loss solution can help in bringing back your hair. Lets’ read the full review about this hair loss cure.



What is Provillus?

Provillus is a natural hair growth solution made for both men and women or rather unisex. This product is manufactured by Ultra Herbal, which is a company whose headquarters are based in Los Angeles. It is 100% natural and has a double action impetus since it efficiently allows growth of more new hair strands and also effectively arrests both the excessive and unusual hair falls. It has a separate range of products for both men and women due to the fact that there are different hair loss patterns and reasons for hair loss and receding hairlines. Provillus hair loss cure simply creates a perfect environment for healthy and new hairs without undergoing any surgery.

The manufacturer claims that this product offers a proper nutrition so that the dead hair follicles are brought back into existence alongside preventing hair loss. In particular, most reviews direct the female users on the version designed for women with hair loss problems for the purpose of getting the desired results. The vitamins, essential minerals, and proteins in the supplement have the power to reproduce healthy hairs. Simply, Provillus is known to offer strength from the inside and stops hair shedding that majorly occurs due to a low blood supply, zinc deficiency, toxins and even stress.


Provillus is made from natural ingredients that work in unison to enhance hair growth. Below are the main ingredients that make this product a good and natural hair growth remedy:

  • Saw Palmetto Extract. It comes from saw palmetto berries. This extract is mostly used in many formulas that are used in curing several illnesses such as the treatment for prostate enlargement. It blocks 5-alpha-reductase which is an enzyme known to convert testosterone to DHT.
  • Biotin. It is a B complex vitamin that helps in fixing hair onto the skin. A deficiency in Biotin is the major cause of increased hair fall in many people.
  • Vitamin B6. It is a soluble vitamin that has many benefits in the body. First, it is able to inhibit the binding of some steroid hormones such as DHT and testosterone to their receptors. When this binding takes place in the scalp, it blocks the dangerous effects of DHT on hair follicles.
  • Minoxidil. This is a clinically approved topical ingredient that is very effective in stopping hair fall and also promotes the growth of new hair.
  • Zinc. Zinc is a major component required in the growth of healthy hair. If one has a zinc deficiency hair loss within the body is likely to occur or develop hair that looks dull and thin and goes grey early.
  • Uva-Ursi Extract. This extract is good for strengthening hair roots and also making stronger and thicker hair as well. Hair follicles can absorb the nutrients in this extract easily which helps in strengthening the hairs.
  •  Nettle Root Extract. It blocks the DHT and also prevents hair loss in both men and women.
  •  Eleuthero. It is an extract from the Siberian ginseng that is useful as a hair loss cure.
  •  Pumpkin Seed Oil. It stops the production of DTH and also blocks the action of 5-alpha reductase.


  1.  Contains all natural ingredients and hence it is safe
  2.  Revives dead hair follicles
  3.  Helps to prevent hair loss and thinning
  4.  Promotes the regrowth of new hair
  5.  It is very easy to use and doesn’t require any professional knowledge for its application

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  1.  The hair loss solution can only be purchased online from the official manufacturer
  2.  There isn’t free trial offer available
  3.  It can be costly for long-term use

Side Effects

Provillus is made from pure natural ingredients, and there haven’t been any side effects related to the use of the product. Some of its ingredients especially the extracts are also found in other medical prescriptions used in healing different illnesses. In some cases, the Minoxidil ingredient in the hair care product is said to cause itching on the scalp although in rear cases.

For all pregnant women, it is a wise idea to avoid the pill that is included in the Provillus Kit. Also, one has to avoid an overdose of this supplement to avoid unnecessary health hazards. Those who are under other medications should not take the pills before being granted permission by a doctor to prevent interruption. Provillus hair loss treatment is strictly recommended for the adults only.

How To Use Provillus Hair Loss Cure

The use of this product is very easy. It is required that one applies the topical treatment twice a day while also taking two capsules as a dietary supplement. Provillus hair loss cure has the ability to block DHT which is one cause of hair loss in people. Its formula is designed to specifically to offer nutrients need for the purpose of hair growth and preventing hair loss in a natural way. According to the manufacturer of this product, it offers the hair follicles exactly what they need to encourage hair growth. It offers essential nutrients to the hair follicle such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and B complex.

The biotin available in the formula is responsible for making keratin which is a protein from which hair is made of. Also, the hair follicles are protected and energized as the process of hair growth initiates. Provillus effectiveness is also supported by several years of research before it was made. All ingredients have been clinically tested and approved and thus proving their effectiveness in hair care.

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Provillus User Reviews

Most individuals who have tried this product claim that it delivers. Also, many positive reviews have been seen online regarding the effectiveness of Provillus  hair loss solution with most people giving a rating of 5 stars on almost all aspects of the product ranging from price, effectiveness among others. Most people say that after a few weeks of use, they can see some positive changes as expected in terms of preventing hair loss, receding hairline, hair thinning and also new hair growth.

Where To Buy Provillus

Provillus can only be purchased from the official manufacturer’s website One can’t find the supplement in local drug stores, and it isn’t a prescription medicine. The company also has shipping facilities across the globe. The details for purchase as well as the discount offers are also on the official website.

The company is also known to be reputed, and it ensures discreet billing and shipping and with total privacy security. It also offers a 90-day money back guarantee in case one feels that it’s not the right product to use or if one doesn’t see any change. However, there are some conditions that need to be followed to avail this customer right. Provillus is priced at the same rates for both men and women. Below are some packages that one can purchase:

  • 1 bottle which costs $49.95 and an addition of $6.95 for shipping
  • 3 bottles which cost $99.90 and free shipping is offered
  • 5 bottles which cost $149.85 and free shipping is offered

Review Conclusion

To sum up the review. Due to the large number of online positive reviews, it suggests that Provillus is an effective product and really works well giving the required results provided that the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed. However, it is very important to understand that the process of hair growth is slow and thus instant results can’t be attained after using the product. Provillus hair loss cure gives results after some weeks of use although one has to be patient in order to see the expected results.

Also, the effectiveness of this product depends on the user although around 95% of individuals who have used the hair care product claim that it is efficient, thanks to Minoxidil concentration. Provillus is also a perfect choice on how to stop hair loss that comes due to advancement in age or even hormonal balances. Under rear circumstances, Provillus may fail to give the expected results in case of chronic hair thinning that may arise to certain individuals due to other diseases or side effects of prolonged medication. For those facing hair loss problems and would want to a supplement that really works, they should consider trying Provillus.

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Review of Provillus Hair Loss Solution and Overall Rating

Review of Provillus Hair Loss Solution and Overall Rating












  • Protects the scalp from exterior harm
  • Hair will stop falling out
  • Induces hair re growth and maintains it in the long run
  • Thickens the hair and helps to strengthen
  • Fortifies and protects the hair that you already have


  • Results may vary from one person to the next
  • Available online only


  1. The results look fantastic! I have issues with my hair thinning at the part too so I think this one is the right choice. My hair started thinning when I was in my 20’s because of stress and my doctor said Provillus is a good option for me to try. I wanted to do some research before I bought it first.

  2. I was on the fence with this one but now I know what is in it and how it works, I am going to try it. What do I have to lose? Rogaine didn’t work for me. Well, at first it did and then is just stopped so I know my hair can grow back with the right supplement and treatment.

  3. I started using the men’s formula and I am impressed. My hair isn’t falling out anymore and I actually have peach fuzz coming in which I was told by my doc is a very good thing! So yeah, it works! I am hoping it keeps working and my hair comes back in the same thickness as it once was.

  4. My wife and I are going to try this together. We both have lost hair. Her loss was after she gave birth and mine has been happening since I entered my 40’s. I am glad we can do this together and get the same results from one brand. Thanks for the information!

  5. I have used the Provillus hair loss supplement with great success. I am usually very stressed because of my job. Because of this, after years of stress, my hair started falling. I got Provillus while I had about 45% of my hair left. After just 2,5 months I am at almost 70%!


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