The price of laser hair removal is usually the first thing that people considering a treatment ask about. Over the last few years, the cost of laser hair removal has increased quite a bit; however, if you take into account the awesome results that you can get by taking the treatment, you will find that this therapy is still worth the money spent on it.

There’s no single pricing scheme that applies to all clinics providing laser hair removal treatment. The prices vary and fluctuate from one center to another. There are various factors that contribute to the difference in pricing such as how much unwanted hair is to be treated, how experienced the laser hair removal technician is and how up to date is the equipment used in the clinic.

A Few Factors that Affect the Laser Hair Removal Cost

The skin tone can significantly affect the overall cost of the laser hair removal treatment. However, many people are unaware of this. Besides, the duration of the treatment and the number of sessions required is also influenced by the color of the patient’s skin. Dark-skinned people will typically need to take a greater number of sessions before they can get any decent results. This is the main reason why some clinics abstain from exposing African Americans to laser hair removal therapy.

It goes without saying that the longer your treatment takes, the higher your costs will be. If you are to figure out a precise cost of your treatment, you need to carefully consider the number of sessions needed and how long the duration of each session will be. And as I explained above, the number and duration of sessions is greatly determined by the quantity of unwanted hair and the skin color.

It is recommended that you drop by some laser hair removal clinics and find out what prices they ask for their services. Centers that use modern machines and new equipments will usually have a higher price tag than those treatment centers which are still using outdated tools.

If the person conducting the treatment is only a technician who has been educated operate the laser hair removing machine, the price will be somewhat lower than if you get treated by a licensed physician.

Before you worry about how much the treatment is going to cost you, you need first to find out if you are suitable for the treatment in the first place. You can get to know this by simply requesting the therapist to examine your skin type. If you get a positive answer, you can go ahead and dig around to get the laser hair removing surgery at a lower cost.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggest that the estimated worth on the price for laser hair removal is about $429. In other words, the average cost for a single treatment session will range from $400 to $500.

The prices listed above are nothing but estimates. The actual price will vary a lot depending on the body area which is to be treated. Treating unwanted hair on your back will certainly not cost you the same as treating excess hair on some other part of the body. The surface of the body part also plays an important role in determining the cost.

How much can you expect to pay for a specific area of the body? Removing hair on the arms and chest can cost from $350 to $600. The price is a bit cheaper if you are trying to get rid of underarms hair; it usually ranges from $250 to $350. A lot of variety can be found when it comes to the elimination of undesirable bikini hair, facial hair and so on.

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Alternatives to Laser Hair Removal Methods

If the cost of laser hair removal is beyond what you can afford, you may want to try other hair removal options such as creams and depilatories. Hair removing creams are used by a lot of people as a way of getting rid of unwanted hair. The advantage of using these creams is that they can eliminate hair painlessly. The downside of using depilatories is the unpleasant odors they produce and the temporary results they provide which make it necessary for the person to use them quite frequently.


Waxing is another hair removal procedure that gives relatively long-lasting results. Moreover, the use of waxing for treating undesirable hair is pretty affordable and can be done at a fraction of the laser hair removal cost. The person needs to apply warm wax to the area of unwanted hair and then he pulls off the wax layer in a single move. The main disadvantage of waxing is the pain it causes as you pull off the wax layer. Still, if you can bear the pain, you will get the smooth skin you are after.

A Few Tips and Tricks to Get Laser Hair Removal at a Lower Price

– If you can afford to pay the full cost of the laser hair removal treatments upfront, then go ahead and do it in exchange for a discount. Some clinics offer discounts and bonuses for clients that pay for the therapies in full right from the start. However, this may not always be the case.

– If you plan to order other services provided by the clinic, you should use your laser hair removal order as an incentive to get a discount on those other services. Businesses are always on the look for loyal customers who purchase different services from them and they are likely to give discounts to retain these customers.

– If you have a friend who is interested in getting rid of unwanted hair with laser, you can bring him along to the clinic. The clinic may, thus, offer you a discount for bringing in a referral. Whether you share the discount with your referral or not is up to you.

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Advice on Hair Removal

Whatever hair removal technique you choose to undergo, here are some handy tips that you can apply to get maximum results from the procedure. You should always do the due preparations before you get started with the treatment. A consultation with your doctor can give you some help on what to do and what to avoid before the therapy. If you have makeup on, you may need to remove it for the treatment to be effective.

It is always good to re-read the terms and conditions listed in the papers given to you by the clinic. By doing so, you will know what your rights are and be prepared for anything that might come up later. The same applies to the prices of the procedure; check them again so that there are no fees that you could have skipped.

Despite the elevated price of laser hair removal, the procedure remains to be one of the most effective procedures for eliminating unwanted hair and getting long term results. Nevertheless, if the price tag is just too high for you, you should consider the many other options that are available for you.






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