It goes without saying that prevention is better than cure. If you take care to keep the hair you’ve got, you will be blessed with better looks and healthier hair. The following measures can be taken before it’s too late:

1. Proteins in Diet

Consume protein-rich food. Brown rice is healthy in the sense that it has bran while white rice doesn’t. For this reason, people prefer brown bread over white unless taste is a higher priority for them. Proteins play a vital role in hair fall prevention.

2. Oil Massage

Massaging hair with coconut oil or sesame seed oil helps in keeping it moist while restoring its health after hours of exposure to dust. Dry hair has no nutrition and hence falls easily, so oiling hair has two benefits- it keeps your hair moist and second, it keeps stress under control.

3. Avoid Cosmetics

Do not shampoo or condition your hair too much with cosmetic products (no matter what they say). Those chemicals will rape your hair worse than a storm.

4. Ayurveda

Ayurveda has been holding answers to health care (including hair care) solutions for ages. A mixture of some common herbs can be heated with oil and used on the scalp.

5. Stop Ironing Your Hair

This is an important tip related to hair loss prevention for women. Women, especially rich ones, rejoice in visiting beauty parlor and spas and getting their hair done by so-called hair experts and styled into something unrecognizable. Ironing hair causes thinning. Not that it will result in hair loss, but if you try to make a bun or braid your hair to make it look like Queen Elsa of Arendelle, you will look bald instead, thanks to that extensive ironing therapy.

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