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Dandruff also known as seborrhea, is the shedding of dead tissue from the scalp. White, flaky substances that fall off your scalp due to drying of skin or insufficient exposure to sunlight, are marked by constant itching accompanied by heating up of the scalp.

Dandruff control is not a tough task; one needs to decrease the number of times they wash their hair because washing hair everyday can cause drying of your hair and scalp and can result into dandruff on scalp.

Avoid Stress and Eat Healthy

It is proved that stress can cause dandruff so it’s important to cut down stress if you are planning to cut down dandruff. Unhealthy diet can also result into dandruff. Unhygienic food affects your body and its functioning. Balanced diet gives your body what it needs for smooth functioning and good health.


Applying plain yogurt to your scalp after shower and washing it off after 15-20 minutes is one harmless dandruff treatment in the sense that it can rid you of Big D sans side-effects.

Caution: If you find the residual smell of yogurt offensive to your nostrils, then you have an option to use rose-scented herbal hair conditioner, which can be effortlessly found in the market. Just stay away from cosmetic conditioners.


Replace Your Shampoo With This

Most of the shampoos are chemically processed. You can replace your shampoo with a natural paste of Bengal gram flour and water. Doing this requires that herb-haters shed their inhibitions and open up to such products. We don’t need another bad hair day now, do we?

Oil Massage

For unknown reasons, folks find it old-fashioned to just be normal. It’s like a handful of organic hair oil means plague to them. Nothing but a thoroughly processed works for them, or at least appears to. Until they see the result, that is. Try using some hair oil instead and then follow tip no.

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Option for Dandruff Prevention and Cure

By inspection, we can say that flaky scalp is the result of dried scalp tissue. Most of us are unaware that there is a fungus called Malassezia that manifests itself in adult scalp and takes advantage of damp and dark conditions so that it can grow. So dandruff is also the fault of fungal action. So why allow it to grow at all? It is best to nip the problem at the bud lest it become a routine at a later period.

Option for Dandruff-Prevention-Cure-Men-Women

Factors associated with the cause of dandruff along with the corresponding options for its prevention and cure in men and women:

Excessively washing hair

A teeny-weeny tip for hair loss prevention in men: go for herbal hair care products instead of Heads & Shoulders.

Using shampoo and hair conditioner

Advertisements feature a beautiful model who has a beautiful face (which is obviously digitally processed) and with even beautiful, flowing hair (also digitally processed). What are they trying to promote? A shampoo that can make your hair look like the one on the model. Why? They want money. Really, don’t go for it. Shampoo contains salt. You apply salt on your hair and it is as good as ageing 10 years in one week. Guaranteed.

Insufficient sunlight

Sunlight has the power to kill dandruff by not allowing the fungus to grow. A good exposure to sunlight for 5 minutes every day is sufficient to not allow the heterotroph to grow.

Once you get the perfect product that suits your hair and use it regularly and you will notice the effects it has on your hair and scalp.

Some of them are

A good hair oil:
Heat sesame seed oil with a bunch of curry leaves and basil leaves. You can also add a few grains of rice. Allow the mixture to cool and then apply it on dry scalp. The curry leaves will help deepen you hair colour, the rice grains will help cool your head and the oil will moisten your dried scalp.


Want shampoo? Use flour!
When you are done following the above procedure, use a paste made with the mixture of Bengal gram flour (or any other lentil) and Shikakai with water to wash off the excess oil instead of using evil shampoo.

Natural Remedies for Dandruff Care

One of the effective hair care dandruff home remedies is snake gourd juice, rubbed on the hair and the scalp, and washed after 30-40 min. Onion paste applied to the scalp before washing with lukewarm water after an hour is recommended for dandruff care. In order to remove the smell of onion from your hair, you may apply lemon juice.

A mixture of soaked-and-mashed fenugreek seeds and oil applied to the scalp for 2 to 3 hours can help you get rid of dandruff problems. Come out of (the habit of) using shampoo. It does more evil than you think. In fact, it could be the primary reason for the drying up of the scalp. Avoid using anti-dandruff shampoos and hair conditioners as they may cause side-effects to your hair.

Ayurvedic treatment has for long been known to cure most health problems better than allopathic treatment. And with zero side-effects. Eg. curd, coconut oil, neem extract, tulsi extract.

Yoga and meditation help to reduce stress and keep the mind calm and cool. Excessive brain storming can cause your head to heat up enough to fry an egg on it. Heating up of the head can cause dryness and hence, the white flaky flakes.

Dandruff Care Products

For reasons best known to them, people still believe that one of the best hair cares tips for dandruff is to use cosmetic products. Using anti-dandruff shampoo is NOT the best way to treat dandruff problem.


What’s wrong with using anti-dandruff shampoos?

Besides containing a certain zinc pyrithione, which is used for its anti-fungal properties, all shampoos and hair conditioners contain salt as the main constituent that cause hair fall. Too bad that you don’t know what salt can do to your hair. If you’re interested, then let me tell you that cosmetic “hair care” products are the leading manufacturers of “dandruff”. Not just Big D, but also a string of other problems like hair thinning, dry and rough hair, split ends arise out of these posh-looking, perfumed soap-containing bottles.

A Few Home Remedies To Control Dandruff At Home

If you have dandruff problem, whether mild or not-so-mild, then homemade hair cares for dandruff are useful. Below mentioned are some dandruff cares tips.

Use an herbal shampoo on pre-oiled scalp as it is devoid of synthetic chemicals and you’ll be glad that you chose it in the first place.

Chuck the shampoo and all other soapy products from your bathroom because they are really not worth your beauty, or your money. If anti-dandruff shampoos cannot give you Rapunzel hair, then you can hardly rely on the normal ones for normal cleansing purposes.
Avoid scratching your scalp while massaging as it can result in weakening of the disulphide bonds between the keratin molecules in the scalp. Go soft to produce better results.
Using the juice of overnight-soaked lemons on the scalp is one of the most effective dandruff treatments at home.

Applying yogurt on the scalp and washing it after an hour with anti-dandruff shampoo is good for dandruff control, and it can be done with no worries as weak acids do not have an effect on the scalp as that, too, is made of soft keratin proteins which are also weakly acidic.

One of the best dandruff cares is to use neem oil once a week because of its anti-fungal effect.

Sunlight is the simplest dandruff cure in the sense that it can stunt fungal growth on the scalp merely by exposing the same to pure electromagnetic waves, as fungi being heterotrophs do not thrive on sunlit areas, and instead prefer dark and damp places.

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