Best Hot Oil Hair Treatment:

How It Helps In Making Your Hair Healthy And Lustrous

Healthy Hair Tips

There is always a need for the best hot oil treatment to give your hair the much desired moisture to get the look of conditioned hair without the need to condition your hair every day. In case Hot Oil Hair Treatmentyou’ve got damaged or dry hair due to coloring of hair, blow-drying, straightening, or any other styling aspects, then the need for a hot oil treatment for your hair is certainly there. The idea most often helps in making the hair look much more lustrous.

Should You Heat The Oil Prior To Use?

Best part of hot oil hair treatment is that you should never heat the oil. Rather have a steam following oil massaging of your hair. For this purpose partition the hair into different sections. Take some oil into your palm and apply them on your scalp first. Ensure that entire area of the scalp is properly covered. Thereafter, go for applying oil to your hair while focusing on the hair ends.

Always be generous in using the oil on your head. Never get worried about greasing the hair. Preferably go for hair/head massaging during evening hours when you don’t have any engagements and it would certainly be a good idea if you solicit the help of your friend who can assist you in getting a nice head massage.

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Need For Massaging The Hair?

Following application of the oil to your hair,go for massaging of your scalp for at least 15-30 minutes. You would get the feeling of generation of heat through messaging. Then right away go for steaming of your hair by positioning your head roughly one feet above the steam machine. Alternatively, you can also cover your head using the shower cap and placing a quite hot towel on your head. Through application of heat the pores get opened allowing the oil to get absorbed very quickly.


Once the towel turns cold, put it back again with another hot towel and in this manner alternate this regimen for an hour. You can even carry on with the shower cap regimen even subsequent to taking steam. Thereafter, wrap a headscarf firmly on the shower cap and go for sleep. You need to leave the oil over night to allow the oil soak better. Then rinse the hair with a gentle shampoo in the next morning.

You can apply conditioner just thereafter. You will find your hair getting very soft and shiny. Remember, hot oil treatment once a week with any good quality oil certainly organic one such as- olive oil, jasmine oil, and jojoba oil would promote the hair growth.


Research studies reveal that Hot Oil Treatment provides the best results in case it is done 1 night prior to cleaning your hair. However, as applying oil just prior to going to bed may spoil your bed linens, it is advisable to apply oil at least two hours prior to retiring to bed. This will facilitate soaking of oil into your hair.

Last but not the least thing to consider is that never over apply oil on your hair. Therefore, always take a little quantity of oil and apply the same on your hair and stop as soon as the entire scalp is covered. Never persist in splurging the oil on your hair as it will require more shampoo to clean your hair.

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This may lead to dryness of your hair resulting in hair loss. Therefore, use the oil for coating your hair only while becoming a bit more generous with the ends. Hence, please avoid extra quoting of oil at all cost.





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