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Male Back Hair Removal

Choices For Back Hair Removal For Men

The issue of male back hair removal is one that many guys consider.

Back hair removal for men can be a necessity for some guys who feel that they have to get rid of the hair before they feel comfortable taking off their shirt during the summer months.

Male Back Hair RemovalOptions for male back hair removal have increased over the past few years as newer and often better technologies come on the market.

While it can be expensive to do because of the size of the area involved, the effectiveness in terms of both cost and time involved have certainly improved in recent years. Gone are the days when shaving and waxing were the only options for male back hair removal and guys now have longer term options available to get rid of unwanted hair.

Certainly the amount of unwanted hair will help to determine which treatment might be most suitable for you. While electrolysis can provide permanent hair removal, each hair has to be treated individually so it could take a long time if you have a lot of hair.

For short to long term hair removal results, here are some options for back hair removal for men:

Wax Hair Removal For Men

Waxing Isn’t Just For Women!

Wax hair removal for a man often specifically refers to removing unwanted back, shoulders, chest and even arm and leg hair.
Bodybuilders might find the benefits of wax hair removal for unwanted hair before a competition since they can generally rid themselves of the hair for a number of weeks rather than using a shorter term option such as shaving or depilation.

Wax Hair Removal For A ManFor those guys who want to remove their unwanted hair, wax hair removal for a man can also be a good option.

Gone are the days of men worrying about wax hair removal being an off limits option that is meant only for women. Wax hair removal for men is becoming a more popular way for men to improve the way they look and can look at several options available to them.

First, men can obviously do the waxing themselves possibly with the help of a second person if the waxing involves removing unwanted hair in hard to reach places such as the back or shoulders.

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Secondly, more men are opting with the professional route, instead deciding to engage the services of a salon or other venue to remove the unwanted hair for them.

The benefits of using a professional to conduct the waxing hair removal are that you don’t have to worry about messing around trying to do it yourself and can rely on a professional to properly do it for you.

If you’re a man thinking about wax hair removal, you might consider using a professional the first time to get an indication of whether or not you can do the waxing yourself in the future and get a sense of exactly what needs to be done.

Male Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal For Men

Male laser hair removal often specifically refers to removing large amounts of unwanted hair on body parts like the:

– back
– shoulders
– chest
– arms
– legs
Laser Hair Removal For MenAs with other hair removal options, laser hair removal isn’t just for women.
Increasingly, males use laser hair removal to deal with their unwanted hair to possibly achieve a permanent reduction in the amount of visible hair.

While electrolysis can offer permanent hair removal, it means treating each hair individually which can obviously be very time consuming for body parts that have a significant amount of hair to be removed.

Male laser hair removal offers the ability to remove large amounts of unwanted hair relatively quickly, possibly for weeks or even months. Over time and with repeated treatments, you might find that the amount of unwanted hair significantly decreases and becomes less noticeable and worrisome to you.

With several laser hair removal options to choose from, it offers a viable option for men to remove unwanted hair, a choice that didn’t exist years ago.

If you’re a man considering laser hair removal, you might also consider the intense pulsed light hair removal option. This is the option I chose to remove my unwanted back hair.

IPL: (Intense Pulsed Light)

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a hair removal option that has become increasingly popular and is an alternative to laser hair removal.

I found a local clinic that offered this hair removal option and I chose to go down this route when I was considering hair removal options. Intense Pulsed Light is not a laser hair removal option but works using similar principles as a laser. It uses a pulsed light to heat the hair to disable its ability to grow and possibly eliminate its ability to regrow permanently.

Typically, the treated hair will fall out a few days after treatment.

Chances are you won’t see the service promising permanent hair removal and you’ll probably see it advertised as offering permanent hair reduction instead.

remove, hair, manPermanent hair removal” would denote removing the hair forever so you’re more likely to see clinics promising that they will help you permanently reduce the amount of unwanted hair which is easier to accomplish.

Here are some things to think about if you’re considering Intense Pulsed Light including my experience with it.

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Intense Pulsed Light: Benefits

  • Patients generally regard it as being more gentle than lasers and electrolysis.
  • Can provide good long term hair reduction.
  • Can cover large areas of hair relatively quickly.
  • Machine settings can be tailored based on the characteristics of the person’s hair type and pigment.
  • Side effects tend to be minor i.e. temporary skin redness.

,: Considerations

  • Can be expensive and usually requires multiple treatments.
  • Requires professional expertise to operate it for safe and optimal results.
  • Can produce some skin discoloration if not operated properly.
  • Requires patients to avoid direct sun exposure before treatment and for a few days afterwards i.e. avoid tanning and using self tanning products on the area being treated.


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