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Laser Hair Removal Options

The word Laser stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiance.
Laser hair removal came into commercial prominence back in the early 1990s.

Up until this time, “permanenthair removal tended to refer to time consuming and painful options such as electrolysis that requires each hair to be treated individually.

Laser practitioners are able to deal with a large area of hair rather than having to treat each hair one by one which is obviously not as efficient. Plus, when done properly it tends to be less painful than options like electrolysis.

Laser works by using a beam of light to destroy or at least to disable the hair follicles without harming the skin around the hair.

Wavelength refers to the color of the laser light (i.e. ultraviolet, visible, infrared) and it’s measured in nanometers (nm). One billion nanonmeters equals one metre.

Laser treatment usually requires repeated visits, the number of which will be determined by the amount of hair to be removed as well as other factors such as the color of your hair, the shade of your skin, the location of the hair, etc.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Are Results Permanent?

Is there such thing as permanent laser hair removal? Well, if you find a practitioner who advertises “permanent laser hair removal” I’d suggest asking them for a plain English money back guarantee if you notice a single hair growing back in the area you had treated at any point in the future.

See what they say if you ask for this sort of guarantee!

Permanent, Laser, Hair, Remova

A realistic end result of some laser treatments could produce what might reasonably be described as a permanent reduction in the amount of visible hair that you have.

In other words, the amount of hair decreases over time with repeated treatments and the hair that does grow back tends to be finer and visually less noticeable.

Referring to laser hair removal treatment as a permanent hair removal option would not be 100% correct or truthful so a good practitioner who offers the service should not promise you that you will achieve permanent hair removal.

Some laser hair removal practitioners have been sued for claiming that their service offers permanent hair removal so chances are that you are more likely to be told that the service offers permanent hair reduction instead which is more accurate.

At the end of the day, your personal situation (i.e. the color of your hair, the shade of your skin, the amount of hair to be removed, the location of the hair to be removed, etc.) will determine the long term success or lack thereof of your ability to achieve permanent hair reduction using laser treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Effectiveness

The effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment is dependent on your personal traits, the skill of the practitioner doing the treatment and other important factors.

The goal of laser hair removal treatment is to hit the hair with as much of the prescribed laser energy as possible and for the skin to absorb as little of the energy as possible.
Dark hair absorbs more laser energy than light hair so dark hair is easier to treat.

Light skin absorbs less laser energy than dark skin so light skin is easier to treat.

Laser hair removal tend to be most effective when:

  • You have lighter colored skin and darker colored hair. Even tanned skin (including the use of self tanning products) reduces the effectiveness of lasers.
  • The hair being treated is in the growth phase.
  • The area being treated is free of creams, ointments, cosmetics, etc.
  • The hair being treated is short since the energy doesn’t have to travel as far down the hair to the root.

As mentioned, the skill of the practitioner is also very important not only for the success of the treatment but also for your safety.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser hair removal cost is certainly one of the big factors that people need to consider when looking at various laser hair removal options.

Laser, Hair, Removal, OptionsThe cost of laser hair removal might depend on a number of things including where you live (ie. how many practitioners offer the service in your local area and the overall level of competition), who is doing the treatment (ie. a clinic, a doctor, etc), the amount of hair to be removed and the body part(s) to be treated.

In general terms you might find that pricing might be offered in several different ways, too:

Session Length: Laser hair removal cost could be determined by the amount of time the treatment takes.

Body Part: Price could be determined by the body part to be treated, with the average amount of time factored into the price.

Treatment Package: You might have the option to prepay for a series of treatments with a discount applied for paying in advance.

Get One Free: You might be given a free treatment for having a series of treatments ie. get 4 treatments, get the 5th one free.

When it comes to laser hair removal cost, your best bet is to shop around and see consider the various options available in your local area.

In larger metropolitan areas you might have more choice and with more competition, it could translate into better prices.

Plus, in my experience, there is also the chance that once you start speaking with a particular practitioner, they might refer to pricing that might be better than their advertised prices.

Certainly, a lower price doesn’t always translate into a better deal. As with other things in life, you often get what you pay for and when it comes to laser hair removal treatment cost, you don’t want to go cheap if going cheap means scrimping on quality of service!

Along with the cost of each treatment, you will also need to get a realistic sense as to the number of treatments you will need to have to achieve your desired degree of hair removal.

The costs can really start adding up if you end up having more treatments than initially planned.

Finding A Laser Hair Removal Practitioner In Your Home Area

Getting information on laser hair removal in your home area (or wherever you plan to have the treatment done) is one of the first steps you’ll probably want to undertake before deciding on which option to take, if any.

Not only do you want to ensure you find a good quality practitioner of laser hair removal in your desired area, you might also find that when you shop around a bit, you not only have more options to choose from but you might also get a more cost effective solution.

Certainly cost isn’t the only factor you should consider but let’s face it, cost is certainly one of the major factors you’ll probably be considering when choosing a laser hair removal practitioner because laser hair removal tends not to be cheap.

When searching for practitioners who offer laser hair removal in your area, keep in mind a few other things beyond the quality of the practitioner (which is obviously of paramount importance):

1. How convenient is the location of the practitioner compared to where you’ll be travelling from? For example, if you’re planning on having the laser hair removal treatment during lunch time at work, remember to factor in the travel time to and from the location on top of the actual treatment time.

2. What sort of hours does the clinic keep? If you can only attend hair removal treatment in the evening or on weekends but the clinic only operates during “business hours” Monday to Friday, you’re going to have a problem.

3. What sort of payment options are available? Check to see if the clinic offers discounts for multiple treatments or treatment packages where you can prepay for several treatments for a discount. I’ve also heard of “buy 2 treatments, get 1 treatment free” type deals, too. The savings can add up.

4. What research options do you have available to find a suitable hair removal practitioner? Carefully research your laser hair removal options using various methods. Use the Internet like you’re doing now, speak with friends you trust who have already had laser treatment done, and use professional reviews that you can find regarding various laser hair practitioners in your home area.

At the end of the day, finding a quality practitioner of laser hair removal in your home area will be determined by the number of clinics available to you (the amount of competition) and your ability to find them, so research is key.

Obviously finding options for laser hair removal in New York will probably be easier than in a small town but the more information you have at your fingertips the better.

Make sure you do your research and ensure you are aware of all your options.

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