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  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 inches ; 16 ounces
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SHAMPOO FOR HAIR LOSS – Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Shampoo contains hair-nourishing nutrients, such as Argan oil that stimulate the scalp and hair follicles to grow strong and healthy hair.; REPAIRS DAMAGED HAIR AND SPLIT ENDS – Packed with high quality ingredients, the Shiny Leaf Argan Oil anti hair loss Shampoo promotes thicker and stronger hair that won’t easily break or split.; GIVES YOU SOFT, MANAGEABLE HAIR – Treats and rejuvenates your hair to give it shine and softness. You get easy to style hair that follows your every move.; INVIGORATING SCENT – Use daily to get great smelling hair that lasts from day to night. This luxurious shampoo works great with all hair types and hair color. It works well with color-treated hair and repairs the damage from chemical treatments.; SAFE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – This shampoo contains natural ingredients that won’t harm your hair or scalp. It is vegan-friendly and never tested on animals.

User reviews

I've been looking for a shampoo for my color-treated hair and decided to give this one a try. I've been using this shampoo for a little over a week and I'm happy with the results. So happy in fact that I have also purchased the conditioner. I leave the shampoo on my hair for approximately 3 minutes and then rinse it off. It leaves my hair more healthy looking and doesn't leave any residue. The shampoo smells good also. I did dock a star because of three words being spelled incorrectly on the labeling.
My hair gets frizzy after washing it and it’s damaged from color treating so I have tried so many shampoos. The shampoo definitely made a difference in the frizziness. I’ve been starting to lose some of my hair so I’m glad this has nutrients in it to combat that. It’s a quality shampoo. Argan is a great oil. I have to try their conditioner next.
I have been using this shampoo for over a week now. So far so good. My hair looks shiny, more healthy, and soft. It rinses well with water. I like the smell of the shampoo too. I also bought the conditioner and together they both work Wonderful will definitely be ordering again!! It really does smell great!!
I love this stuff. It feels so good in my hair and makes it so soft. It smells good too. My hair shines and my curls are more defined, as if I need that but they arent as frizzy even with this rainy weather. Ill buy again.
I really like that this argan oil shampoo contains hair-nourishing nutrients, such as argan oil that stimulate the scalp and hair follicles to grow strong and healthy hair. This shampoo has been working great for my hair and it was packed with high quality ingredients and I like that it is anti hair loss and promotes thicker and stronger hair that won’t easily break or split.
This Argan oil shampoo is awesome. I love how it leaves my hair feeling smooth and looking shiny. It has also added a lot of volume to my hair. I’m happy that this shampoo does not make my hair feel oily.
This shampoo smells amazing. The first time I used it, I wasn’t quite sure I liked it. Then I used it again and it felt much better in my hair. I love the smell and after drying my hair, it is soft and manageable.

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