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Are you growing a long beard? If so, proper care and upkeep is essential.Having a properly groomed beard is extremely important. No one likes the hobo look, and besides the aesthetic factor – beards without real care will turn into a nightmare for you. It will sting, itch, and hurt you and the people that get close to your face. Unkempt beards can irritate the skin and cause many problems, which include acne, beard dandruff, and dry skin.QQwow Beard Grooming Kit is here to help you and turn your grooming experience into a swell one.Does unruly beard drive you mad?Our beard oil is a blend of natural ingredients, such as jojoba oil,grape seed oil, hempseed oil that are used to address specific beard problems such as itching, sensitive skin or dryness.Perfect leave in softer and conditoner helps prevent "beardruff" and also smoothes and tames for a hydrated, healthy-looking beard.Occasion calls for a toned-down look? We know that keeping an epic beard in shape is no easy task.This beard balm is created to keep even the most manly of men in shape.Good beard balm helps moisturize your facial hair, provide hold for styling and make your beard look thicker.How to use this beard grooming kit?Super easy to use.Simply apply a small amount of beard oil or beard balm and rub it thoroughly your beard.Extra natural woody comb for detangling and overall grooming.What are you waiting for? Bring it home and prepare to receive compliments!Package Included:Beard oil 60ml*1(other brands’:30ml)Beard balm 2.82oz*1 (other brands':1oz)Natural beard comb*1

User reviews

Let me start by saying I have a drawer full of oils and balms and I have tried so many I cannot count. I liked the looks of this kit and wanted to get some beard care Christmas gifts this year so I rolled the dice on this one to test it out. I like the idea of it being in a tin...keeps everything nice and tidy. You do get the wooden comb that helps distribute the product fully through your beard. On to the good stuff...The oil first. Apply this first to add much needed oils to your skin as your beard grows it will suck your skin dry..This oil is a cocktail of essential oils. However the Olive is the most predominant smell. There are no added smells in the oils. Just all natural. The balm has a flowery smell to it...not really what I expected but after a few days it has grown on me. Its very dominant...so if you want something that doesn't over power your cologne then look elsewhere. Put some balm in your hands..run in through and over your beard to calm those fly aways and tame it down ...conditions the beard as well to keep from getting split ends as your beard gets some growth. Over all I like the product..The smell is "ok" I can wear it but not everyday. The neat tin can is an added bonus and makes for a great gift this Holiday season. For the price I would buy it again. 4 stars from me...I like it...its just my own personal opinion for liking more manly smells in my beard.
The QQwow Beard Gift Set is great as a gift or personal use. There is everything needed for optimum care of facial hair right in this kit. The kit includes beard, oil, beard balm, and a wooden comb. Of course these products can be used on more than just a beard. Shorter facial hair benefits well from the balm and oil, too. I gave this to my husband and he has really liked it and the results. The balm is great for styling and taming wild hairs. It does not weight down or make hair or skin greasy. The oil conditions and maintains moisture throughout hair. The comb helps to groom facial hair. He liked the fact that it was wood and not cheap plastic. He uses the oil at night and the balm in the morning. He likes to wet his facial hair just a bit before using to get even disbursement. His hair appears healthier and his skin is actually not as irritated and scratchy. This is the biggest factor that he is happy with. The scent is light and subtle, but very pleasant. The natural oils contribute to this scent. This is an excellent kits for any fellow with facial hair! I hope my review has been helpful to you. It encourages me to continue writing and updating my reviews. Please leave a comment if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer if I can be of help.
My man is African So I was REALLY SKEPTICAL because his beard felt like freaking Velcro from him not doing anything with it! After just a few days using it, it began to soften out and now he can comb right through it and it hasn’t even been a week since Christmas!
I got this set for my boyfriend as one of his birthday presents and he loves it, it makes his beard so soft and it smells amazing, the wax works really well and it comes with a good quality beard comb, the products are small but a little goes a long way do you definitely get what you pay for 🙂
Great product for a great price
Got it as a gift for my brother, who is picky about organic and natural products. He loves it.
Only used it a couple of times so far so not enough to give a detailed view with any changes/results. However, customer service is great and the product smells lovely so all good so far

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