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INGREDIENTS:Pure non chlorinated spring water , organic rosemary infusion botany , foaming agent based compound decyl polyglucose plant sources , betaine and cocamide MEA coconut , emulsifying compound derived from coconut and detangler Ethyl Behenate PPG -3 ( conditioner eco-friendly generation ) , pulp of fresh organic aloe, organic sesame oil , organic wheat germ , protein hydrolyzed organic non-GM soy agar ( seaweed gelatin as thickener and protein source ) , combined with aromatic essential oils, natural vitamin C organic origin as an antioxidant , preservative compound based Lonicera caprifolium , salicylic and sorbic acid ( preservative mixture Ecocert certified ) DO NOT CONTAINS: ● Artificial Colors ● Petroleum ● synthetic varnishes ● Propylene ● Formaldehyde, Parabens or Isothiazolone ● Commercial botanical extracts pre-industrialized INGREDIENTES: Agua pura de manantial sin clorar, infusión botánica con romero orgánico, agente espumante compuesto a base de decyl poliglucosa de fuente vegetal, betaina de coco y cocamida MEA, compuesto emulgente desenredante derivado del coco y Elthyl PPG-3 Behenate (acondicionador eco-amigable de última generación), pulpa de sábila fresca orgánica, aceite de sésamo orgánico, germen de trigo orgánico, proteína hidrolizada de soya orgánica no transgénica, agar (gelatina de algas como espesante y fuente de proteína), combinación aromática con aceites esenciales, vitamina C natural de origen orgánico como antioxidante, compuesto preservante a base de Lonicera caprifolium, ácidos salicílico y sórbico (mezcla preservante certificada Ecocert). NO CONTIENE: Colorantes artificiales Derivados del petróleo Barnices sintético. Propilenglicol Formaldehídos, parabenos ni isotiazolona Extractos botánicos comerciales preindustrializados

User reviews

 The wife has has problems with some of these lesser expensive shampoos causing damage to her hair... I wanted to find a product that was really good yet was not crazy expensive, and i think this is going to work, plus i love the way it makes her hair smell.
I have a dandruff problem along with the hair fall and my hair are very thin too. I was looking for an organic option to save my remaining hair from other shampoo which do not have natural ingredients. So i thought i should try this Natural Organic shampoo. The packaging is very premium which itself tell the story about the quality of the product which is really good. The smell is a bit strong but its not bad. I have used this shampoo several times and feel a nice effect on my hair. The hair is more smoother and moisturized and it feels also refreshing. Time will tell the long term effect but so far it seems nice.
 My wife, who works at hairdressing salon, approved it. The item is just as described and does everything stated in the description.
I'm very happy with this purchase. To start, the bag itself is excellent - very high quality and distributes the weight very well. The carry handle as well as backpack straps give you options, and the pockets and compartments are well thought out.As for the contents, it's a start. The basic medical supplies are adequate, but contain no types of medication - aspirin, anti-diarrheals etc. But that's ok, as those type of supplies expire, and need to be rotated anyway. The emergency supplies are decent quality as well. I read one review that the flashlight was cheap, but mine came with a Maglite, Duracell batteries and extra bulbs. I haven't tried the food or water, and in all sincerity, I hope I never have to... or ever have to use this purchase at all.But it's nice knowing it's there.Update - I wanted to purchase some additional MRE's, and if you have ever looked for them online, you know it can be confusing and a total crapshoot in terms of freshness and quality. I decided to try one of the MRE's that came with this bag from MRE Star. All I can say is that it was really much better then I had anticipated. It had the entree, nuts, dried fruit, beverage, condiment and accessory pack and the cookies that came with it were really quite good. It also had the flameless heater.
This product has a pleasant and not feminine fragrance. It isnt a bad smell, very clean. I got this because i have really bad plaque psoriasis that itches a ton. I have noticed that my skin itches less so far and my regrowth of the plaque is slower. So Im sure that for someone with dandruff or dry scalp it is probably perfect. It doea what it says it will do and i am hopeful that with continued use my scalp will get even better.
First of all, the bag came a day early. I am very impressed with the bag itself. It's very well made and it has a lot of room for all the extras I am going to add. I am not saying that it does not come well stocked, its just everyone has their little extras which only you know you will need. For me I have animals which also a concern when packing my bugout bag. Glow sticks, more medical gear, knife and duct tape are just a few of the "extras" which I am adding to my bag.Unlike some of the other reviews I read, I think the mini Maglite and the gloves are very good items. With that being said I have to say that I will also be adding another flashlight which is brighter for distance.I will be adding more MRE's and water just to play it safe. The MRE's which come with the bag are a good product (but remember that MRE's are not fine dinning) and the meal bars are also a well rated product. Water and a water filter straw are also being added in my bag for me and my dogs.This is what a bugout bag should be and it comes from an American Vet owned company. After looking for a long time I can truly say that this is the best bag for the money I have found. Get this and you will not be sorry.I hope you never need it but if you do, this is what you want to start with.
It is difficult to find a pan which has a built-in spout to easily pour off cooking liquid and leave the solids behind. I have shopped everywhere locally and bought pans which were disappointing. I have ginger tea every morning. When pouring the tea, the ginger solids often plop into the cup. Not with this pot.I love this pan. It transfers the heat quickly. It is efficient.

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