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Essy Beauty Hair Growth Oil is a magical blend of natural and pure ingredients Castor Oil,​ Caffeine, Rosemary Oil and Biotin. These power ingredients have been proven to help reduce hair loss, strengthen thinning hair, and stimulate new hair growth.​ Benefits:​ -replenish the scalp’s natural oils​ -support natural keratin for smoother and stronger hair​ -repair split ends.​ -stimulate blood flow in the scalp​ -promote hair growth.​ -combat bacterial and fungal infections​ -make thinning and weak hair thicker​ -easy to use​ -prevent hair loss​ -moisturize hair​ -suitable for men and women​ -100% satisfaction guarantee​​ Ingredients:​ Biotin, Caffeine, Castor Oil, Rosemary Oil, Olive oil, Coconut Oil​​ Non-GMO Product

User reviews

I have used the just one time since I received it and I can feel the difference. The oil works really great, my hair looks better and very natural. Great product, I'm so happy with the purchase!
Love everything about this product! Makes my hair feel amazing, and smells fabulous! This is the original and it comes with a pump which makes dispensing the product easy! Great price for the size. Highly recommend.
Product seems to be what it says it is. Smells the same from when purchased in a salon. The consistency seems be thinker then normal. But will let someone know if it doesn't perform like the salon product.
This product works great and left my hair really soft and healthy feeling. I had highlights done so I used this as a deep conditioner and applied heat to help penetrate it into my hair and left it on for 30 min. My hair felt great. I would buy again. I recommend.
First of all, this smells amazing. I’ve tried hair growth oils before and they stunk so bad they were impossible for me to use. Secondly, it does as it says as hair growth was seen even sooner than expected.
I've used this oil for about a month now in my beard and in my hair. I noticed a significant difference in the texture of my beard and my hair once I started using it. My beard stays soft, has a slight shine, looks healthier, and never gets wiry. My hair and scalp stay soft and look healthier as well.
Light weight oil with a mild scent. It is easy to apply to my scalp & roots of my hair. I have fine thin hair that is a little on the dry side so I've been using 2 squirts of the pump, my hair feel soft after applying without being too oily or greasy. I will see how fast my hair grows overcthe next month & will try to leave an update in the future.

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