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  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8 x 7.2 inches
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Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Premium Organic Deep Moisturizing & Intensive Reconstructive Conditioner “Lavender & Cedarwood”. Hair Growth Support. Paraben-Free Botanical Formula. By Botanical Green Care.

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This conditioner moisturizers my scalp. It is very gentle. First I apply Scalp Treatment, then was wash my hair with Anti-Hair loss shampoo (all from this same company). So using all three of these products seems to gave me positive result and is a big part of my hair loss fighting program.
It is a great conditioner, has a wonderful lavender smell with a little touch of cedarwood what makes this a unique scent. This conditioner is helping me prevent hair loss and also making my hair very soft. It is a paraben free conditioner and the ingredients are organic. It contains aloe vera what is pretty good to repair dead skin cells on the scalp. Additionally, this conditioner has very good ingredients like calendula, babassu seed oil, argan oil, mamey seed oil, the butter of the Brazilian fruit cupuacu, and many other goodies. All these ingredients combined made my hair extra soft, more vibrant, and colorful.
Great natural conditioner. I do not know what exactly it is does to stop hair loss, but I am using it with other anti-hair loss products of this brand and it helped with my hair loss.
Couple month after having my baby I start to loose my hair like a crazy, I really was scared I can remain bold . My friend has recommended this line for me and first I purchased conditioner, because buy conditioner and shampoo seamed little too pricey for me . After using product for the first time I was very impressed - my hair looked visibly fuller and healthier! So I was using product for about a month and now I started to notice a lots of baby hair growing on my head )))) I couldn’t be any happier , I decided to buy shampoo of the same company and now I’m impatiently waiting great results for using this two wonderful products combined!
I was looking for the product which can help to restore my hair. (I lost a lot of hair after pregnancy plus I have ombré) . I decided to give it a shot - and was amazed by the result. First of all - it smells delicious! Helps to detangle my hair (I have ombré, so endings looked dead before I used this condition). Result of using both shampoo and conditioner - my hair is thicker, silkier, smoother, shiny and smells delicious! Love it!
This conditioner goes great with their shampoo. Goes on great and leaves a great feeling. Can't wait to see my hair stop falling and and new one growing back. I know it takes time for the process but I can't wait to get it back. Should have started earlier
I was struggling with postpartum hair loss and this line of hair products seems to help me (I use all 3 products). It makes my hair thicker and I have noticed a lot of new baby hair growing on my temples. The instruction says that you should wait for 12 weeks to see results. For me it's been working right away. It just makes your scalp healthier.

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