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THE SCIENCE OF 3HC™ STIMULATION COMPLEX - Blend of plant-derived active ingredients has been clinically shown to stimulate growth by promoting the proliferation of HFDPC cells, the stem cells responsible for regulating hair follicle development. It is clinically indicated to increase the number of growing fibers, increase follicle lifespan and prevent hair loss. In clinical trials of alopecia patients using dermatologist conducted pull tests (clinical method used to estimate amount of hair loss), the analysis showed a reduction in hair loss of 21% over a 3-week period.TURN ON YOUR DERMAL PAPILLA, THE HAIR ENGINE - 3HC™ is able to stimulate Human Follicle Dermal Papilla Cells (HFDPC), the stem cells that regulate hair follicle development. HFDPC are responsible for regulating hair length, thickness and speed of growth. In just 48 hours after treatment with 3HC™, hair showed a drastic increase of 71% in HFDPC cells.ANAGEN VS. TELOGEN HAIR - 3HC™ has the unique ability to increase the ratio of anagen (growth phase) to telogen (resting/dying phase) hair, which keeps follicles in a more constant state of growth. By keeping a larger percentage of hair in the growth phase and preventing hair from entering resting phase, the body will continually encourage hair growth. After treatment with 3% 3HC™ a 31% increase in the anagen/telogen ratio was realized in just 60 days.THE SCIENCE OF AMINO KERA NPNF® - Combination of Keratin-derived amino acids designed for deeper penetration than other Keratin ingredients due to its molecular weight distribution. It has been clinically proven to provide immediate & long-term strengthening. In lab tests, hair treated with 2% Amino Kera NPNF® conditioner showed an immediate 10% increase in strength (defined as total work required to break hair) vs. placebo conditioner and a 41% increase after 3 applications.

User reviews

I've never tried Pure Biology, but I was tired of the over the counter products so wanted to try something that might actually do what it's supposed to. I love the smell of this conditioner, and it didn't require much unlike the other products in the past. I was able to comb through my curly hair in the shower and didn't seem to lose as much as I usually do, maybe a result of this product or the fact that it just actually is a good conditioner so doesn't knot my hair up unlike other kinds have. Overall happy with it so far!
This is super thick and spreads through my hair beautifully. Not gonna lie though, I use a lot. I don't know if it's because of my longer hair, but I can't just use a tiny bit and get away with it. It's still worth it. It smells citrusy and fresh and leaves my hair so soft. I've used this everyday for a week now, and noticed yesterday that way less hair is coming out in my hands when I run my fingers through my hair as I'm applying it.
Real results in a fairly short time. The before picture was taken for my doctor that I was considering using hair plugs. Don't think I'm going to need that now as long as these results can be maintained. I'm not the one to post reviews unless I love or hate something, but I felt inclined to show my results to others who may be considering much more expensive treatments, like plugs, etc. Give this a try a first.
Have the shampoo and added the conditioner - I think I am officially a Pure Biology addict 🙂 The products are wonderful and I like the all natural ingredients that incorporated into the conditioner, just like the shampoo. My hair doesn't feel weighted down and I don't need half a bottle of conditioner to comb through my head like I do with some typical drug store brand conditioners.
This conditioner is incredible! Even after the first use, my hair felt and looked better than when I use name-brand, store-bought conditioners. I don't have hair loss, but I am confident this will help me prevent that. This product smells great and I love that you don't have to use a lot to get the job done, so it will last awhile. Very happy!
This is another great product from Pure Biology. I love the smell and the conditioner makes my hair feel so soft. My hair is getting stronger and it is very shiny. I don't see as much hair falling out. It has definitely started growing faster since I have been using it. It does not take much product either so the bottle will last a while.
I bought this conditioner and the shampoo that goes with it because of my hypothyroidism. I have more and more hair loss the older I get. This smells great and even though I can't say for certain about hair loss, I not as much is coming out when I brush it. I do like the smell and the way my hair feels after using it.

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