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Hair Grow Plus moisturizes hair with vitamins and proteins that strengthen hair from its roots and stimulate hair growth. Our advanced formula combines argan oil, biotin, keratin, along with natural herbs, vitamins and minerals, to help you combat hair loss in three ways. 1. Prevent and repair split ends, which make hair brittle and more prone to hair fall. 2. Replenish your hair’s natural supply of biotin and keratin, to stimulate hair growth. 3. Help block DHT These ingredients penetrate the scalp and nourish the hair from the roots, leaving hair healthier, thicker, stronger, and less prone to hairfall. Who Should Use Hair Grow Plus Shampoo? Men and women of any age or hair type who want thicker, healthier, stronger hair! It’s normal to lose 50 to 100 strands a day, but If you’re noticing more clumps of hair stuck on your hairbrush, shower drain, and just all over the place, then it’s definitely time to switch to a different shampoo. Some shampoos can cause hair to break and fall off. Hair Grow Plus’ Maximum Strength Hair Health Formula nourishes the hair with vitamins, minerals and essential oils that nurture instead of damage hair, leaving it fuller, thicker, stronger and sexier.

User reviews

As I started into my forties, I had been noticing my hair thinning and becoming brittle, with split ends. I wanted to try a shampoo that would help me with this problem. I really like that this shampoo has argon oil, biotin, and keratin. Usually I can only find one of those ingredients in a product, not all three and that’s unique about this shampoo. I really need to repair, strengthen and protect my hair, I had started with store brands who say they do these things, but I never saw any results, which is why I came onto Amazon to find something that really packs a bigger punch. I’ve been using this I every day since I got it, and so far I have definitely felt like my hair is smoother, silkier, and in general feels and looks healthier. It smells great and has really made my hair look healthier, revitalized, and more like it did in my twenties! I’m impressed with it so far, got a great deal on it, and it is worth every cent. Will be a definite repeat customer. Quick results, my hair feels wonderful!
Where do I start??? I will start with this...This shampoo is loaded with natural vitamins, Argan, Biotin, Keratin, essentials oils!!! I have been using this for a week (used twice) and it's smells so wonderful!!! I bought this because my hair has dry ends and can be dry and brittle!!! It has tamed my hair , leaving it so full and healthier!!! I love that it can be unisex( although, I have hidden this from my husband...It's all MINE) This is probably the best smellng shampoo I have ever bought...Year's ago, there was a shampoo called..."Gee your hair smells terrific" Well Gee!!!...Not only does my hair smell terrific, my hair feels terrific !!!
I absolutely love this hair Growth shampoo. I have dry and brittle ends and no matter how often I get my hair trimmed they are always dry and brittle. I have recently cut off about 8 inches because I thought it needed it and would help with my ends but it didn’t. With this shampoo it has already starting to look better after only two washes. My hair looks and feels so smooth and silky and shiny. It even smells great too. I recommend this product you won’t regret it.
I'm totally in love with this shampoo. I recently had a hysterectomy and I have been trying to find a shampoo to help my thinning and dry hair. Everyone tells me it's normal after surgery but I can't take it much more and this shampoo is already helping. I love that it's helping my hair with natural vitamins and ingredients not harsh chemicals. It smells and lathers great. Makes my hair so soft n silky. I'll definitely keep this in my shower!
I have used several different hair growth shampoos in my lifetime, and I must say that I am extremely impressed with this product. The smell is terrific! The consistency is thick and lathers enough to really feel like you are getting clean, yet lightweight enough to not weigh your hair down. My beautician has been IMPRESSED with my hair growth, too! She's noticed a real change from one appointment to the next.
I don’t think I really have tried argan oil on my hair before. I am surprised. I have problems with my hair being brittle and falling out but it has been happening less with this shampoo! My hair also feels softer and smoother. My husband really likes touching it more. Also, I absolutely love the smell of this stuff. It’s not exactly cheap but totally worth it. Highly recommended.
My hair is thick and wavy so I didn’t purchase this shampoo for growth, but for repair. Although my hair is thick I still lose a lot and it breaks. This shampoo is really helping. There’s less hair in the drain and on my brush and it looks and feels better. It smells good too. I like that it uses vitamins and not chemicals to promote growth and repair.

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