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Effectively PREVENTS PREMATURE HAIR LOSS and STIMULATES NEW HAIR GROWTH by promoting additional blood circulation to the scalp, strengthening and encouraging hair follicles to remain in their growth phase. Contains powerful botanical clinically proven active ingredients which reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and return dormant hair follicles to function again.; 100% NATURAL Anti-Hair Loss Formula with our Powerful proprietary and CLINICALLY PROVEN Advanced DHT Blockers blend, the STRONGEST NATURAL HAIR GROWTH STIMULATORS, most powerful natural botanical hair loss fighting Organic Extracts, Essential nutrients, omega-3 oils, fatty acids & Vitamins. NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS. No Harsh Preservatives. No SLS. No Parabens.; IT WORKS FROM THE FIRST SECONDS OF USE GIVING YOU A PLEASANT SCALP STIMULATING REFRESHING SENSATION EXPERIENCE! REDUCES HAIR LOSS AND STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH. Regenerates & Revitalizes Follicles. Exclusive Essential Oils Blend, Saw Palmetto & Pumpkin Seed strengthens and awakens follicles. CAYENNE EXTRACT (Capsaicin) increases blood circulation throughout the scalp to deliver more essential nutrients to the hair follicle required for healthy hair growth.; ALOPECIA and HAIR THINNING PREVENTION. Natural, Strong and Effective Anti-DHT-hair loss & Androgenetic Alopecia Fighting formula for MEN and WOMEN. Our product works without the side effects associated with synthetic medications.; Composed of Organic and Natural ingredients that work through different mechanisms by way of synergistically stabilizing the adverse effects of Androgenetic Alopecia, inhibiting both 5-alpha reductase and decreasing DHT (dihydrotestosterone) locally. By decreasing DHT levels, an environment is created conductive to hair re-growth, naturally leading to fuller thicker hair, facilitated by a healthier scalp.

User reviews

This product does not have many reviews and I was skeptical to buy it, but was very surprised with great results. I am using all their anti-hair loss line: shampoo, scalp treatment, conditioner. It is not super easy to wash out this hair oil from your hair, but I was ready to use everything which can help to stop my hair loss. I am using this product for 3 months and my hair in much better shape now, no hair loss anymore.
Seems like it helped to reduce my hair loss, but I also take vitamins and supplements and follow special diet. This product is all natural which I really like. I feel some warming along with cooling sensations when I apply this product and I found this feeling very unique. I am a big fan of this brand and recommend it to my friends.
Wonderful product!I am using it for last 3 months and it is helps me - less hair loss. My friend told me about this Hair Loss Line and I did not belive him first, because I waisted too much money on different shampoo and serums, but decided to buy it ( last try). Will continue to use it in a future. I would recommend this product for everyone who has same hair loss problems.
I was using products of this brand for last 6 months (my doctor recommendation). It works for me, seems like I do not lose hair anymore and my hair look much healthier.
excellent medical oil for hair, a beautiful matte bottle, a natural pleasant smell, I use 2 times a week, the scalp of the head became better, hot-cold feeling.
Good product. I like how it smells. Unlike the other products of the same sort that one has a very pleasant strong natural oil blend odor and I don't mind my hair smelling like that
This is a product for PRE-SHAMPOO procedure and you wash it out after 30minutes. It does not bun my scalp and smells not too strong. Works for me.

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