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Hair growth supplements Does hair growth supplements help in faster growing of hair?

Do you feel that your hair is not growing fast enough? Let me tell you, that’s not an uncommon feeling. A lot of women feel the same way. Actually, all hair grows at an average of ½ inch per month. That’s not the problem usually. The real culprit is hair damage and loss. That’s probably what is giving you the feeling that your hair growth is slowing down or has slowed down. Hair growth supplements can help you.

It all boils down to a few major reasons.

Given the stress and pressures of modern life, it is difficult to maintain the body and by extension the hair at optimum health.

Various factors such as an improper diet, age, the weather, pollution in the air play a part in the deterioration of hair health.

There is little we can do about the external factors and age, but, we can control our diet. Eating right goes a long way towards promoting hair health. However, most of the time, this is not enough. To restore your hair to its full health and growth, certain vitamins and minerals as supplements to your diet are needed. Let’s look at these supplements in detail.

Apart from the rest of the body, certain Vitamins are mainly used as hair growth supplements

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Vitamin A

An essential vitamin for hair growth, Vitamin A acts on the scalp and produces a waxy substance, sebum which promotes scalp and hair health.

Vitamin C

Derived from citrus fruit, Vitamin C acts on the scalp to help manufacture the protein collagen, which is a major building block of our hair.

Vitamin E

Another vitamin that is very good for the scalp. It is also found in many topical hair growth medications.


This is Vitamin B3, a water soluble vitamin that has a big part to play in the metabolism of energy of the cells. Since that include the scalp and the hair, it serves to increase blood circulation of, nourish the scalp and prevent hair damage.


Though not in itself considered to be a vitamin, Inisitol is a member of the Vitamin B-complex family, which is known to promote strong and healthy hair. It works with another B vitamin, Choline.

It’s well known that along with Vitamins, there are a number of minerals which are essential for good health. Some of these are good for hair growth too. These minerals naturally occur in the food we eat, but sometimes we need to take them as supplements. They consist mainly of the following.

Zinc works in conjunction with Vitamin A to prevent hair from dryness and brittleness. Calcium and Magnesium work together to induce relaxing sleep. This helps greatly in stress reduction thus helping quicker hair growth. Calcium itself is one of the most essential minerals, as ti strengthens teeth, bones and hair. An imbalance of calcium can cause hair loss.


Silica or silicon dioxide is another mineral which is essential for good hair. It assists in the absorption of calcium in the body, and also maintains the balance between calcium and magnesium.

Copper is found as a trace element in the body. It helps in the production of melanin which gives the hair its pigmentation.

Sulfur is one of the main components of hair. It contributes towards the tensile strength of hair, which makes it resistant to breakage, and adds shininess.

Iodine is an extremely essential element. Iodine helps in the production of thyroid hormones in the body, which in turn improves all round hormone production. The presence or absence of iodine has a profound effect on physical health and behavior.

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All these vitamins and minerals have a good effect on hair, and are all found in the food that constitute a proper diet. However, there are some reasons why that are often not enough. The foodstuff might be deficient in vitamins and minerals. Our fast paced life may make us skip meals or not have the right kind of food. Increased stress may lead to a deficiency is some cases. Whatever be the reason, adding daily supplements to your diet will help to keep your body and your hair in top condition, with proper medical advice, of course. With your body in top condition, it will be a cinch to keep your hair growing quickly and strongly.



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