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Would you like to try colorful hair, but do not want to go to the salon?Let these Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Chalks help you. Save money for you and also do not harm your hair. 6 colors included, there are varieties for you to mix these colors together. No need hairspray. It lasts in your hair for a few days and it is also easy to wash. It would be great for everyday or any special occasion that you would like to add something special to your appearance.Edge Metallic Glitter Hair Chalks | Temporary hair dye chalk - the original hair color chalk miscible colors - lasts 3 days Brand New Edge Hair Crayon Stix. Metallic sparkle colors all blend into each other creating so many different looks. New Hair Chalk Cream Technology Self-Seals in 60 Seconds. No need for hairspray. Sets quickly and no mess. Show off your true colors with the Hair Chalk Salon. Add temporary strips of color with the colorful chalk pins on the hair. Create a fashion statement using the special tools to do pearls and finish your designer hair. A fun activity for parties and girls night (or in!).To remove haircrash from your hair, shampoo your hair, the chalk will be washed out. Try to wash a little more time when the colors are not completely washed out. Please be careful near water and rain also snow since the chalk can make your clothes stains.

User reviews

Got these for my daughter, she has dark hair. Some of the colors looked really good while others needed to be applied thicker for the color to show. Overall my daughters really liked them.
They are safe to use on children, adults and all hair as non toxic and wash out easily. There are several ways to use these, we have done the put a towel around your neck, dampen hair and apply the chalks, then dry lightly with a hair dryer - this works best if using lots of colours and small sections.
my kids loves it and have a lot fun with those hair dye chalk. It is non toxic and wash out with shampoo/water easily. Very good for highlight since my kids' hair is dark. It is great work for kids acting show! ( last time, we got spray one that only one color and expensive)
This has been a great solution. She has blond hair and the colors show great and stay for up to 3 days. They wash out well. The best part for me is there is no staining on clothing or pillowcases. She can change colors and have individual style and not damage her hair.
These were exactly what i wanted for my 5 year old daughter. They were really easy to use, just got the hair wet (I used leave in conditioner) and rubbed the chalk on the hair in smallish sections, dried the hair with a hair dryer and the sprayed it with some hair spray to hold it.
It can color the hair very easily. Changing colors anytime without going to hair salmon.
I really like this product more than any other brand for temporary fun color in my hair! At first, I was skeptical if these would work because chalk is usually not that impressive when it comes to intense color and I was thinking they might be dull. Well, I was proven wrong.

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