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Hair Dyeing Party and Cos-play DIY Works on All Hair Color Paint Pack of 24 What make excited festival (party or night ) look much more different? To create a fashion style to bring so many different looks for you. A fun activity for parties and girls night out. PLEASE ATTENTION : 1. Please be careful near water as the chalk may stain your clothes. 2. Please be noted that your hair maybe a bit dry after you use the hair chalk, but this does not affect the appearance. 3. We strongly recommended for children 3 years of age and older.Don’t hesitate, just please add the cart! And let the fun begin!

User reviews

I use them to do highlight on my hair, the result is great! The color goes away after wash, so I can use a different color on the 2nd day.
I buy it for my daughter,she very like it,she can change her hair more colors ,and it's very easy
Visable even on brunette hair, my children always ask to dye there hair 'cool colours' but school wont allow it so having hair chalk is a great inbetween as it washes out easily but is bright enough for everybody to see
They had fun using it. Don't be confused when it says it last 3 days, that's if you don't wash your hair for 3 days. It washed out in one of my boys hair very easily (he has long hair). My other son doesn't have much hair as he keeps his shaved and it dyed his scalp. His took a couple washings. Because it was not just applied to the hair but to his scalp. (Didn't want to leave him out so we used it on him knowing he didn't have much ""hair"" to apply it to.) it will change your skin colors if you get It on your skin. We kept a wash cloth with baby shampoo handy to get off what we accidentally got on their forehead or ears. Over all the hair chalk is fun. Applying it is a little awkward. It's kind of like your using a marker. I will say one of my boys has dark brown hair and purple and green didn't show up the best in his hair. But we applied it a little heavier and it did fine. It looks great in sunlight. The chalk goes a long way. We used it a lot but there are plenty more applications to use from each stick.
I'd never tried hair chalk before, but I was very happy with this product! The combs that the chalk comes in aren't the best - the teeth are big enough that trying to get the chalk on your scalp is nearly impossible, but the chalk is easily taken out/replaced, so I just popped it out and went to town. The color (have used the green so far) stayed all day and didn't transfer to skin or clothes. Definitely recommend gloves for application though - the ones they supplied were very green after handling the chalk.
24 colors add beautiful color to your hair.
It is extremely easy to apply to a boys' head. For girls, it's more complicated since you have to hold the strands in place. I got color all over my hands just coloring my daughter's hair. The color does wash off very easily. Also, the color doesn't necessarily dry. Even hours after application, the color will come off on clothing or if you touch it with your hands.

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