It is necessary that you take care of your hair just like you take care of your body so that you don’t have to regret in the end.

“Beauty is as beauty does”, women, just like “handsome is as handsome does” for men. There are thousands of hair care products in the market available today. Without taking the time to consider them, it can be conveniently said that most of them are damage-worthy i.e. they are more likely to ruin your hair, thus ruining your beauty, rather than accentuating it. And folks, that’s what you have hair for, isn’t it?

For beauty. You have to decide what’s good for your hair and have faith in what you use. Have a look at what tips I have to offer for your hair problems and do try them if you wish to. I assure you that they are harmless.

Ditch caffeine:

Drink less coffee. The lesser the content of caffeine in your diet, the stronger your hair will be.

Massage your hair with oil:

Ever wondered why your grandma would insist on oiling your head when you were little? Because oil can keep your scalp moist and prevent it from forming dandruff, and at the same time it can act as a stress-buster. Sesame seed (til) oil will darken your hair and prevent its greying, while rubbing coconut oil on your scalp will promote hair growth. People who suffer from hair loss problem can try avocado oil. It is known to stimulate hair growth.

Do not use cosmetic hair care products!

They will not give you a fool-proof solution for your woes (be it dandruff, hair fall, hair loss, alopecia etc.) because they always come with side-effects, whether you want it or not. It’s a bad, bad world out there.

Include proteins and vitamins in your diet:

Taking vitamins and proteins orally will do more wonders to your hair than what a homemade hair mask can do. Think only about what’s available at home. The products that they sell outside are not meant to treat your hair for its betterment because nothing can replace nature.

Eat whole wheat bread, green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, fenugreek), green non-leafy vegetables (beans, peas), sprouts and dals, legumes and pulses, and always prefer to eat “bran-ful” brown rice over “bran-less” white rice. The bran contains proteins. Also include citrus fruits. They are rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Hair Care Tips

When it is about taking care of our body we try to do every possible thing to stay healthy but when it is about hair care most of us don’t even think twice. It is just as necessary to take care of our hair as it is to take care of our body so that in the end we don’t have to regret.

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There are thousands of hair care products in the market available, the choice of which is up to your discretion.

The Good Guys:

A good hair care P makes your hair look like it’s straight out of a digitally processed pic.

  • Proteins, vitamins, anti-oxidants and other stuff (I suppose you get the idea) play a vital role in determining your hair condition in the long run. Sprouts and legumes are good sources of proteins and fiber. Other sources of proteins include milk and milk products, although if you are a vegan and wish to avoid milk, then you may opt for soya beans and its derivatives. They say that soya chinks are used as a substitute in dishes to give them a meaty feel to help non-vegetarians turn vegans.

Sources of vitamins include carrots, which contain carotenes and xanthophylls, lemon and grapefruit, oranges and sweet lime which contain vitamin b-complex and C, green chillies which contain vitamin C (and also a healthier option than red chillies which are known to cause acidity), sunlight for synthesis of vitamin D (yes, this is also needed for keeping the scalp strong and avoid hair fall and other hair-related problems), and last but not the least, vitamin E which can be obtained from green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves, celery and asparagus, and green non leafy vegetables like beans and the various kinds of gourds.


  • A good fifteen-minute of oiling helps keep the scalp moist in dry conditions while keeping out excess moisture and other environmental pollutants from kissing and contaminating the scalp.
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The Bad Guys:

If legumes are the Ram in the Ramayana of Hair Care, then shampoos are the Raavan. All shampoos and hair conditioners, no matter however they differ in their constituents, always contain one common ingredient- salt. Not that I’m asking you to taste it.

  1.  Shampoos cause hair thinning.
  2. If curling and straightening irons can thin your hair, then shampoos can literally make your hair vanish.
  3. Junk food? Are you kidding?






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