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  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 2 inches ; 4 ounces
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100% ALL NATURAL Beard Shampoos & Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Samples | NO Synthetic Chemicals harsh on your beard and skin | Travel Friendly Sample Pack !; MASCULINE woody scent | Made with unique Kunzea Oil & Leatherwood Honey & Bees wax found only in Tasmania Australia for anti-itch & promote beard growth; Voted #1 Best Beard Shampoo | Highest rated, best price and highest quality! Toolsofmen; Simple to use for a clean, healthy, softer and fluffy beard | Can be used on hair, beard, and body | Shampoo bar is equal to approx. 27 fl oz - 2 liquid shampoo bottles! Long lasting & Travel Friendly!; OFTEN IMITATED - NEVER EQUALED! Scrap washing your beard & face with sickly harsh chemicals that stunt beard growth!

User reviews

To be honest, I've only tried a few beard shampoo bars, but this one is the best I've tried. Doesn't take much to get a great lather, and it leaves my beard feeling clean and soft. Some of the other bars I've tried have had oatmeal or other gritty type ingredients: great if you're washing a bare face, but not a beard. This one doesn't. Could not recommend this product more.
I've enjoyed using this product since I've started using it. I once used hair shampoo to clean my beard, ignorant to the fact that shampoo specifically designed for beards was out there! Now, I just rub this in my beard a few times and work up a thick lather, wash my entire face with the great smelling soap, and wash it all away. I will say that it leaves the usual paraffin wax feeling once done, but I've seen a remarkable change in my beard since. I've also seen a decline in blackheads, pimples, and overall funkiness. I would recommend this for anyone who prides themselves in their beards, moustache, and clean face.
Wow! This stuff is amazing. My beard was so smooth afterwards; I'm so happy with this product.This soap comes in a nice cube which you just rub directly onto your beard and you create an incredibly rich lather, and then just massage your beard.The only downside to this though is it doesn't come in anything to store, which may not be a problem for people who want to store it in the shower, but if you do that it will probably degrade over time. While I was disappointed there is no storage container, I was able to store it in my shaving bowl which I use to lather up my shaving soap.If you want an incredibly smooth beard, buy this right now.
This stuff is worth it. I have a pretty thick beard so I need all the help I can get keeping it soft and manageable, and this shampoo is a key component to my maintenance routine. I use it twice a week and does its job. It also lasts a LONG time, so don't be scared by the price. I've had one bar for months, just don't let it get hit with direct water in the shower so it doesn't run off and this bar will last. A little goes a long way.
My wife got me Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo as a Christmas gift (no this wasn't a hit, I just like beard stuff). Previous to receiving this I just washed my beard with the same shampoo/ conditioner I used on my head. When I first opened the gift, which was a small square box and read that it was shampoo, I opened the box to find a equally sized bar of nice, masculine smelling soap.I was a bit hesitant about using it because I have never washed my beard with a bar of soap. After using it for a few days I am very satisfied with my gift. I find that using it is very easy and that the square shape of the soap fits easily in my hand without any problems slipping out. My beard is softer after using it compared to before and smells very nice. I have no hesitation recommending this to others.
I have been using this product for the past few weeks and boy has it made a difference. No more smelling like the bacon you had in the morning at the end of the day. Love the square bar, it lathers up with just a little water and smells great. My wife will actually kiss me now...This product has:100% NATURAL shampoo barMASCULINE woody scentSimple to use for a clean, healthy, and fluffy beardMade with Kunzea Oil for anti-itchI highly recommend and will be getting more in the future.
I don't give out 5 star reviews very often, but this one deserved it from my first use. I love the scent of this product, it is not too strong but definitely a "manly" smell if there is such a thing. You need just a small amount but you get a ton of suds from it making it very easy to cover your whole beard. I haven't noticed any extra "shine" to my beard since I started using it but that isn't the reason I purchased it so I won't take away any starts for that. Overall and excellent product for the price and I highly recommend it.

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