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Perfect gift for fathers, husbands, boyfriends, co workers and our bearded friends! A full sized 100% natural shampoo bar rich in conditioning olive & castor oil, Leatherwood beeswax and honey gently and thoroughly cleanses your hirsute pride and joy for a healthy, fluffy, and shiny beard! Professor Fuzzworthy's is full of antiseptic essential oils such as Tasmania's Kunzea and Lavender to keep skin healthy too! To apply: simply wet beard, work bar through using fingers to create a rich lather and run through hair thoroughly. Rinse well and repeat if desired. Finish with Professor Edward J Fuzzworthy's Gentleman's Beard Care Gloss once beard is dry (not included) Full Ingredients: Mount Wellington spring water, olive, coconut castor oils, soy wax Leatherwood beeswax, Tasmanian Seaweed extract, Leatherwood honey, cocoa powder, essential oils.

User reviews

Holy hanna does this stuff lather. I saw some reviews saying the soap lathered a lot. Understatement. Other review said the conditioner bar doesn't lather that much. Bogus. The tea tree oil isn't thaaat strong of a smell for what it is. The conditioner bar smells kind of cinnamon-y too, which I like.
Really great product. All natural, very mild ingredients let you use this much more often than even regular beard shampoos. Just swipe it across the surface of my entire beard once or twice and it lathers up perfectly. Product should last a very long time. Great scent.
Great beard shampoo. Easy to apply. Simply rub the bar gently against you wet beard. It lathers fast. Massage beard with fingers and you're done. Nice earthy scent too. Will try the detangled bar next. It appears the bar will last a long time.
Looks like a delicious Caramel candy treat that you'd scoop out of the candy dish at cho granny's house.Does a great job cleansing the bears, lathers well. I did a poor job keeping it out of the way of the flowing water so it wasted away after maybe 3-4 weeks.
Works great makes you smell like maybe you live deep in the woods and somehow make soap out of trees and honey! At first i was not thrilled when I saw how small it was but it's very long lasting and takes very little to lather up. Best beard soap I've tried thus far.
To be honest, I've only tried a few beard shampoo bars, but this one is the best I've tried. Doesn't take much to get a great lather, and it leaves my beard feeling clean and soft. Some of the other bars I've tried have had oatmeal or other gritty type ingredients: great if you're washing a bare face, but not a beard. This one doesn't. Could not recommend this product more.
I like the way this works. It cleans my beard very well. The only thing that I do not like is the price. I find it for a very small cube of soap. I would love to be able to continue using this, however I cannot justify the cost.

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