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L'Oreal Triple Resist Reinforcing Shampoo 25.4 FL OZ. This new line of L'Oreal Advanced Hair care created for every hair concern, with shampoos, conditioners and the best treatments ever to transform your hair. The Triple Resist reinforcing shampoo with arginine, nourishes root to tip, reinforces strands and resists breakage. Specially for fragile, breaking and falling hair.

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Excellent product.
My wife and I rather recently acquired a new domicile that came with a central vacuum system. An unforeseen predicament became apparent forthwith; the hose is relatively great in extent and thus unwieldy. Storage was exceedingly challenging due to it's cumbersome nature. Ensconced on the floor of our pantry like a great mono-tentacled Leviathan, it was a tripping hazard that needed to be dealt with before someone broke an ankle or was tripped into the shelves and knocked the entire contents thereof onto the floor. My solution was brilliant if I do say so myself. Purchase a garden hose hanger and make use thereof to corral the cunning beast into submission! Well, this is no run-of-the-mill garden hose to be hidden away somewhere on the proverbial "back 40". NO! This was to be on display inside the family manse! The pantry alone is large enough to be used as a guest bedroom (though my mother-in-law didn't agree). As such, I thought it would be best to endeavor to find something that looked nice enough to fit the environment.I am pleased to say that this "Midas-Lin Four Seasons Courtyard C811-25 Athens Hose Hanger, Brass/Cast Aluminum" turned out to be just the thing! It is of excellent quality, well manufactured and sturdy beyond expectations. The finish is delightful, no rough edges or casting seams, it has been coated in a lustrous material that inhibits rust or wear. I highly recommend this product to anyone in need of such a device.

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