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Clear Men 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Daily Shampoo & Conditioner, Dry Scalp Hydration 12.9 oz

User reviews

Bought this 4 pack to replace some old wearing out original COTTON turbies for myself and daughter. We have had the cotton ones for ....forever, and they are so worn out, yet we still tend to grab for them rather than our newer (a few years old at this time) microfiber turbies. We don't like the microfiber ones as much as the cotton. Besides the microfiber having that weird feel they don't absorb like the cotton ones.My daughters thick hair is to her waist and these cotton ones are also longer about 3-4 inches than our microfiber turbies,I did have an issue with one of the turbies - there were multiple holes along the seam (when new out of package) where you could clearly tell it was not sewn down securely. I didn't inspect them all when I opened them, simply tossed them into the towel closets. Amazon and the seller stated I needed to return the whole pack in order to get them replaced. My daughter had hers at college and it would have been past the return date until she returned home, but Amazon said no problem, they made a note in my order and said to return them. Needless to say we didn't want to go through the process and go without out turbies for that length of time. Really wish they could have replaced just the one that was torn. In the end one was not usable in the least.
Love these! If you're looking for cotton buy these. Don't waste your money on the microfiber ones. Many say cotton but aren't. These are not the prints/colors I would've picked but these were the only cotton ones I could find. Have been using turbie twist for years and these are awesome!
Head and Shoulders wasn't working to my satisfaction so I decided to try this out. So far I am very happy with the results. I have fewer flakes, my scalp doesn't itch and my hair feels clean and soft. Nobody has complained about the smell and I haven't asked anyone to smell me so I can't vouch for the smell. Large bottle should last a long time as I don't need more than a quarter's worth to wash my hair.
I like these...and they are pink! 🙂 They do help with my long, wild, wacky, thick curly hair, too. My hair can stay wet for 24 hours and this has helped reduce the drying time and I love that they are light and not top heavy like when you use a regular towel. I simply squeeze out my hair as best as I can and wrap it up, then leave it for as long as I want to. I usually leave it while I dress, do my make-up and sometimes sit and sip a coffee, too, and it stays solid and secure the entire time. I also use one of these over a shower cap for deep conditioning, often for several hours and it works equally as well. I even used one for an overnight conditioning and woke in the morning to it still being secure...granted I am not an acrobat during sleep but I do toss and turn some. I wish I had bought these a lot sooner!
My hair stylist recommended this because my hair tends to get tangled at the ends (I have long-ish fine straight hair). I love this stuff. The smell is light and not overpowering, it goes on smoothly and can be applied evenly (you really only need a pea size amount) and I can actually wear my hair down again. Also I notice when I wash my hair again the next day, the product feels like it conditions my hair again after it gets wet. Combing my hair is no longer a struggle. Also non-greasy.
Great quality. I've had the microfiber ones and I hated those. Didn't seem to absorb the water or help dry my hair, those feel flimsy. These cotton ones are sturdy and I love how soft and thick they are (relative to the microfiber ones I had). Got this set of 4 so I can always have one in my travel bag, a backup while one is in the wash, and a fourth just in case I forget the travel one at the hotel....which has happened!!!
The smell is so good on these I get compliments all the time. Plus it's great at cleaning/conditioning. I have fine thin hair that sometimes looks greasy after washing if the product isn't great but this makes my hair thick and flowy!

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