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  • Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 2.8 x 1.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • UPC: 887152791808 885310346846 885310346723 633911651230 633911651278 633911401040 885293415287 885353857293 883487170202
  • Item model number: 633911651278


Silk proteins that are activated to penetrate and provide protection while improving the condition of hair, for healthier hair with incredible shine.

User reviews

A great detangler & leave in conditioner for Coarse or Curly hair. My Hubs uses it in his beard, too. Goes on & combs in like a silicone, but is absorbed quickly & leaves no sticky product residue or weight. Within minutes, hair is fluffy & naturally shiny, like no product has been used.
This stuff is just stupid good. Meaning it works too good! Not greasy or heavy and it makes fried hair look shiny and healthy. Smells great too! Leaves me speechless and I wish I had known about it decades ago. I am just wow'ed by it.
My grand daughter bought me a sample of this product and I love it. I have think hair that often gets unmanageable,. This product helps keep the wiry hairs from standing straight up, makes it smooth when I blow dry my hair, and gives my hair a nice shine. I have not used it with a flat iron, but understand it is great.
Not sure why so many say it's not the correct product in the bottle. It feels and smells exactly like the stuff I've purchased a few times at the local store.
Bio silk leaves your hair light and incredibly smooth. I bought a multi pack one for my daughter, one for me and wound up giving one as a birthday gift to one of her friends, who loved it when she tried it at our house. Now her mom uses it and loves it too!
I love the fragrance of this, I have very curly hair and use this as a detangler. I don't really notice any type of hair repair with it.
I used to use the Biosilk 21 miracle leave in conditioner which I loved but amazon had none in stock so I went with the SERUM instead. I like all of Biosilk products, they make such a difference in the texture of my hair. I like the serum too, only drawback for me is that if used a bit too much, it can make your hair a tad bit greasy, I did not find that with the " 21 miracle leave in conditioner." I could go atleast 3-4 days without washing my hair with the leave in conditioner, but with this, I can pull max of 2 days only without it starting to become oily. It does smooth out my hair after wash when I use it on towel dried hair, and I use it before I use hot tools in my hair. I definitely like but if I had a choice between this and the miracle leave in conditioner, I would go with the latter.

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