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BioNaza KeraVino Brazilian Keratin Treatment 16 oz (No Wait Time), The KeraVino Brazilian Keratin is a revolutionary hair reconstructor and volume reducer treatment that eliminates frizzy hair, leaving it straight or wavy, healthy and shinning.

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The product is excellent and works in just twenty four hours. The hair looks spectacular. I really like it and I will continue use in my hair.
The first time I used this, my hair became extremely smooth, silky and soft and I didn't even use it right the first time. I just sprayed in my hair because I thought it was hair spray but when I washed my hair the next day, wowwww it became so silky. As I felt my hair rinsing it out, it was much smoother before even applying conditioner!!!! I researched the product afterwards and found out the proper way to use it but wowwww!!! And my hair is naturally course curly

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