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krieger + söhne Salon Quality Men's Grooming Gift SetMan's Desire... Here’s the truth about men and gifts..we LOVE them....but only the good ones, and things that we are going to USE.  Gifts are always better and more appreciated when they’re practical, because we like knowing a lot of thought is put into carefully hand selecting the best gift.Warrior Grade Salon Quality Shampoo - the perfect gift for the Man in your life. When you gift a bottle of this warrior grade shampoo, it begins working IMMEDIATELY with the first use. Because the invigorating tingle and aroma of tea tree goes to work to clear out the grime in your hair and the negativity in your mind, the first cleanse will be a positive and memorable experience.   Healing for Your Hair... Using the power of peppermint you get to experience that. It is a shock of invigoration to the system. It's a moment of clarity that heals damaged and dry hair while eliminating dandruff and giving your mood a quick lift. Every modern warrior needs a moment to breathe and reflect, and this is the way to do it. Perfect and Adaptable for all Hair TypesIt doesn't matter who you are or what you need from your hair, we've got you covered. Whether you want short, sexy hair, or something a bit longer and stronger, every warrior deserves to have a product as strong as they are. Spike it up, or slick it back. No matter what, We'll make sure you look like a true champion. Here's how it works....   Apply small amount for softer hold or more for super hold. Work evenly through entire hair. Great for blow drying or sets. What is "Warrior Grade"?Why are krieger + söhne products "Warrior Grade"? The word krieger means warrior. The products are specifically tailored to the busy man who wants salon quality products made just for him. Unleash your warrior within. CAPTAIN JAMES COOK WAS A LION AMONG MEN. NOT TO MENTION, HE WAS CLEVER TOO. He was an explorer who was the very first European to make contact with the Australian eastern coast line. There he found something fantastic.... THE TEA TREE. Initially he began brewing tea for his crew to help them through ailments at sea, and later began making Tea Tree Beer. As time has gone on, the benefits of the Tea Tree have become widely known and studied. It's been used in healing ointments during the second world war, as well as an aromatic therapy. NOW, WE BRING IT TO YOU, TO IMPROVE YOUR SCALP, AND RECLAIM YOUR MANHOOD!! The krieger + söhne Man Series - Salon Quality For EveryoneBe...

User reviews

Smells great, great gift
Love this combination of product ordered!
this has a great minty scent and the shampoo made my hair feel so clean!
Great scent. Performs well. Highly recommend.
Gift for my son he likes the product
Works and smells good
Excellent, high quality top of the line Krieger + Sohne gift set. Your hair feels and smells wonderful and you get the complete set. This set includes Man Series Tea Tree Shampoo, Peppermint Oil Conditioner, Styling Wax (Paraben Free). Made with high quality Tea tree oil, which is known for it's medicinal benefits. Cleanes beautifully and improves your manly mane of hair, and restores it. Powerful antibacterial properties to penetrate hair follicles, it rids the scalp of dead skin and dandruff. This complete set makes it easy to create any style in seconds. Great for all kinds of hair. Hair feels soft and refreshed, not to mention it smells wonderful. The Wax that comes in the set allows you to go from a suave, sleek form, to that disheveled, rugged look in seconds, allowing you to dominate in business and life with unbeatable flexibility. This set is highly recommended for guys that really want their hair to look and smell its best. I highly recommend this Krieger + Sohne Man Series Tea Tree Shampoo - Peppermint Oil Conditioner - Styling Wax. You get all three in this fabulous three piece set.

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