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This is our best seller! It is is a product MUST have in every Curlies arsenal. Indulge your kinks, curls and waves in endless moisture with our beautifully scented, rich, creamy and dreamy leave-in. Formulated with our special all-natural herbal tea that is blended with plant oils, butters and herbs to leave your hair beyond moisturized, but never greasy. Light enough to be used daily as a leave-in, moisturizer or a styler to define and hydrate curls with no product build up!

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I like this leave in for my 4C hair, it's really moisturizing, which I truly did not expect. You only need a little, and it lasts for a long time. Great smell too!
This the best leave in I have EVER used! I've used TN for years and this is the only leave in I can use twice a day every single day with NO build up. It smells sooo good & makes my hair so soft and moisturized - which is hard to do on tightly coiled 3c/4a hair. It works VERY well keeping my hair moisturized in the winter with Natasha's growth butter.
I love the way it makes my hair feel! It's worth the price.
this leave in is one of my top 2 favorite leave ins. I met LaTresha at Salon Noa in Virginia Beach as she was doing a showcase, I decided to try the leave-in and the hair butter. I had no idea that I was about to hit the hair care jackpot. The leave in makes my afro textured hair feel very silky, smooth and moisturized and gives me the BEST braid outs ever. Heck...the amazing results be having me in disbelief my darn self LOL! It's a staple in my regimen now.
This is my my fav leave-in. I use this product almost daily and my hair continues to look and smell great. I have used products in the past that I liked a lot, but after a few days of usage, my hair would have a tacky, sticky, film on it. But with this, there is not one trace of build-up on my hair and scalp. I use this on both wet and dry hair and the moisture that is retained is amazing. Every person in my 5 person household uses this product - hubby, 3 children, & myself.
This is the best leave in. I love the scent and the way it leaves your hair feeling so soft and moisturized. It doesnt leave any build up on your hair. Its also great as a daily moisturizer and refresher.
I'd tried many of the most popular "natural hair" products until the summer of 2015 when I was introduced to Tree Naturals by a hair stylist and... WOW!!!! I started off with the leave in conditioner and once I knew my hair was in love (and so was I!) there was no turning back. I cleared my product inventory of everything else and became Tree Naturals all the way! I use the leave in conditioner and hair milk daily for myself and my 3 young grandchildren. Yes, the all-natural formula makes the leave in and all other Tree Natural products gentle enough to use on children. I'm so glad I was introduced to Tree Naturals products!

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