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Silk18 conditioner contains more than just a masterful blend of harmless conditioning ingredients to help do the job, Silk18 is formulated with a maximized portion of silk amino acids. These aren't fake chemicals: naturally derived from silk are eighteen different silk amino acids which have marvelous benefits to “behind-the-scenes” of conditioning.; Helps with frizziness, dry hair, curly hair, static reduction, and gently conditions to result in soft, shiny, and easy-to-manage hair. Additionally, Silk18 conditioner is safe for color treated hair (sulfate free).; Contains a holistic synergy of conditioning agents and natural ingredients to condition all hair types. Signature Silk18 formula contains eighteen different silk amino acids to deliver silky softness and assure moisture retention,, jojoba and argan oils to strengthen, protect, and provide shine, botanical keratin to replenish low keratin levels (a common cause of frizzy hair).; No artificial fragrances, coloring, sulfates, or any harmful ingredients. 100% natural vanilla provides a delicious and warm aroma that appeals to both men and women alike. Made in the USA and cruelty-free (not tested on animals).; Whereas shampoo cleans the hair, conditioning is essential for both feel and appearance. Maple Holistics Silk18 conditioner is the perfect shower aid and compatible with any shampoo.

User reviews

This product, honestly and truly, is a miracle product. I know, I know- you've heard it before. You've tried argan oil, conditioning treatments, overnight creams, curl cream, mousse, keratin, coconut oil, and pretty much every brand of shampoo/conditioner on the shelf. LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THIS PRODUCT. First of all, I am including pictures on a review for the first time ever because 1.) obviously, you have to see the before/after difference and 2.) I want you to all be assured that when I say I have poofy hair, I actually mean POOFY HAIR. I straightened my already unruly hair for years and years during middle school/high school/most of college since that was the trend at the time, plus it's often easier to just straighten it and get it out of my face. Often I would cause even more damage by straightening it, and then proceeding to curl it to avoid frizz. On top of all that, I have continuously bleached my hair for more years in a row than I can count (hair dressers hate me for it, but damn I just love being blonde!) Blow drying my hair is a nightmare- unless it's using a diffuser and careful hand movements, don't even think about it. Even using the diffuser didn't really help at all. The only way I could really wear my hair naturally curly was my letting it air dry, and who has TIME for that with how thick our hair is?So, just to sum things up so far, I have been struggling with trying to get defined, soft, natural-looking curls for years. I hesitated to buy this product because nothing else had ever worked, and I didn't want to get my hopes up again. I'm telling you right now- if this worked on my hair texture, I feel extremely confident in saying that you should not be worried about encountering yet another dud product.Silk18 does not feel like your average conditioner when you apply it. You will not immediately be able to run your hands through your hair, and it will not feel silky while it's wet. Though this might sound unappealing, I was actually extremely excited to feel the strange texture because this meant that it really was unlike any other product I've tried. The scent is strong in the shower- there are wonderful vanilla and maple hues, and the scent is just the right amount of subtle when your hair dries (my boyfriend really likes it too!). I appreciated that the small card that comes with the product informs you: "Shampoo is for the scalp, conditioner is for the hair!" This has forever changed the way I will wash my hair. So, I used the shampoo I had (Aussie moisterizing) to my scalp, rinsed, and then I applied Silk18 just before shaving my legs so it could sit for awhile. Then I rinsed the conditioner out with cold water. I wasn't sure how much to use though- I felt like I had to use a bit more than expected to cover my hair, which is fine, but I wish there were bigger bottles available because I might end up running through this one pretty quickly! I then brushed my hair, crimp-dried it with a towel, and then let it air dry. I was so happy with the results!I am including three pictures- the first one (it's a few years old, sorry!) is an example of what happens to my hair when I attempt to blow dry it straight; this is partially for your amusement and partly to show just how annoying it is to try and get ready quickly.The second before is my "before" picture. This was taken after using Aussie shampoo/conditioner, letting my hair dry on its own for a little under an hour, and then using a diffuser to finish drying it. Notice that even though I have really dry hair, the texture is a bit greasy looking. The shape of the curls themselves aren't very consistent at all, and the silhouette of the style is unusual (flat in some places, voluminous in others).The third is my "after" picture! Silk18 makes my hair look less brassy, and evened out the shape of the curls and made them much bouncier. I think it's important to say that the top of my hair is EXTREMELY damaged from bleaching/straightening- the curls underneath formed thick, perfect ringlets and looked even better than my top layer...so even though I know it still looks very poofy to some, just know that this is seriously such a huge improvement for me. My hope is that this product will allow me to stop relying on a straightener so that my hair can heal- I will be updating this post later to update you guys on how the top layer looks after using this product in place of a straightener for awhile, and whether my relationship with blow dryers has improved! I am also eager to try out the shampoo products from this company now that I've seen what the conditioner can do; I hope there are other conditioning treatments available in the future.Thanks for reading about my experience, and I hope this works out as well for you as it did for me! THANK YOU MAPLE HOLISTICS!UPDATE: Added a couple more pictures (fourth and fifth) after trying a new hair styling routine. I DID NOT brush my hair before squeezing it with a towel, and then I used a diffuser (this product works with a blowdryer!!!) after spraying OGX's Weightless Healing Oil Mist into my damp hair. WOW what a difference! Now I am even more pleased with Silk18, this stuff is such a life saver!
This shampoo is great for my hair. I normally have thick, course, frizzy hair. This shampoo does a great job taking the frizz out of my hair and help it lay down smoothly. Usually, I wash out maybe 75% of the conditioner and leave about 25% in my hair for a leave-in conditioner. It also smells magnificent (if you like vanilla). But the smell doesn't stick out after you get out of the shower.The only con I have is that the bottle is too small!
This is a great product. I have long, VERY thick (I clog the shower drain every time I shower because I shed so frequently), coarse hair normally. It's unruly, it frizzes easily, and it's a huge hassle if I don't do something with it and let it dry au naturale. Allow me to walk you through why I believe you should give this product a chance:First there is the smell. It has a vanilla scent with a slight almond undertone. It's very fragrant and will dull out post-shower. The smell is not nauseating to me, and it's hands down a better (and cheaper) product than Wen. (Sorry Wen!)Second, there is the quality. I don't leave it in that very long (about 2 minutes while I shave) and after my hair is very soft. With Wen I had to use it twice and leave it in for an indeterminable amount of time.Third, there is it's magical ability to be used as a leave-in conditioner (I do NOT recommend that ladies or gents with thin hair use this as a leave-in because it may be too heavy for your hair.) I use it as a leave-in and no frizz (I took a hint from Wen) even when it's moist out. (Didn't use it as a leave-in one time and it was a huge mistake!)Fourth, it does help my hair feel different--in a good way!A few hints that may help (science or superstition, I don't know but I think it helps.)* Leave it in while you shave or do other things to give your hair a chance to absorb.* Rinse in cold water (my hair becomes extra shiny when I rinse in cold water!) and, for my thick-haired ladies, add a small amount to your palm and try to spread evenly. (I find that the Wet Paddle Brush helps to spread evenly without pulling, stretching, and breaking wet hair.)* Post shower, do NOT towel dry your hair. It causes breakage and it's not good for your hair. Instead, I recommend the MICROFIBER turbie twist. I love it because it keeps my hair in place, it isn't bulky, it helps the hair absorb moisture while drying, and allows me to focus on the first thing that I work on in the mornings post shower....my facial regimen.Feel free to ask some questions! I'll be happy to help! :-)Please feel free to ask some questions and I'll be happy to reply.*I did not receive free product to try before I purchased this product. That being said, if you post a review after you purchase you can follow the instructions on the card to receive free product. I did notice that there's a difference in coloration in the bottles from the free and purchased product but when I tried the product I got for free I didn't notice any noticeable differences in my hair. I will post pictures of the free product vs. purchased product in a day or so. I will also experiment by using my clarifying shampoo paired with both the free and purchased product and show differences between this and the conditioner by Garnier - Brazilian Smooth and style as normal. I hope that this helps those purchasing! Pictures to come in the next week!*
Amazing, Very Reasonably Priced Conditioner exceeded my expectations. Surprisingly, it detangled my hair and left it unbelievably smooth and silky! Will definitely purchase again! Thanks to all the ladies on YouTube who recommended this conditioner!Update to review: one day after using this conditioner, my tex-laxed hair is shockingly manageable--something I've not seen in years! I created two bantu knots with my below shoulder length hair before going to bed last night. This morning I simply finger combed my hair and created an amazing beachy-wave style!Silk 18 conditioner is a keeper!!!
I was a little skeptical about purchasing the product. Now I'm just in love. This conditioner gets the job done. I've been searching for a inexpensive conditioner that will gently moisturize my hair. This is definitely a winner. I have very thick curly hair that can get very dry and frizzy. Goodness this product smells so good. So if your like me and wanting a conditioner that smells good and truly moisturizes your hair at a reasonable price and doesn't have your hair feeling deprived. Buy this product...I can't wait for them to bring out a deep hair mask.

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