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User reviews

I am a big fan of the ERA organics products. They are high quality and gentle on the skin. I have medium length hair and was very attracted to the sulfate free aspect of this product. I ordered and it lasted just a little over a month. I like that it makes my hair feel soft and light and also did not irritate my scalp like leading products on the market. I am not a big fan of how flat my hair is after use. I read that it is because there are no sulfates, but for me the volume is what I love. I would likely purchase this again for the simple fact that my hair did feel soft and my scalp was not irritated.
Great conditioner. I bought this and the shampoo since I have a few products from this brand and it works really great. It leaves my hair soft and nice to the touch, and since my hair has that thin feel but not look to it, I like that it keeps it from looking thinner. The scent is an added bonus. Great that it is sulfate free, which makes my hair extremely dry. Great buy and product. I'll see how my hair turns out from using this product after about a month since that is when I see the most difference, after regular usage.
I bought this conditioner (and the shampoo) for my sister. She has been very I'll and the medications they gave her really affected her hair negatively. She also lost a lot of hair. She loves this conditioner and the shampoo and how her hair feels silky and healthy after using them and the nice pleasant smell. Her hair is more manageable now and stays curled and looking nice longer between shampoos. It is made with many natural products which are good for your hair and scalp.
I only need wash and condition my hair once a week. This does not leave a residue like some other products I've tried and there is no need for me to wash my hair more often because of the products. I love the scent of the shampoo and conditioner. Love the natural ingredients!
Used this conditioner with the shampoo yesterday for the first time. My hair felt very smooth and nice after using it. I really like the smell (which is a very important part of shampoo/conditioner to me). I don't wash my hair every day so I wanted something that helped my hair feel nice for at least two days. Today it is just as soft as it was yesterday (maybe even softer), but without it being frizzy soft- more of a smooth soft. So far I love it!
I love this conditioner! I have been trying to find an organic conditioner for some time now and none of the others I have tried have made my hair feel nice. This one smells great & leaves my hair feeling silky & smooth. Also, I only need to use a small amount to properly condition my hair, some of the others I felt like I had to use an excessive amount with no good result. I am really happy with this conditioner & will definitely order it again.
I have the shampoo and conditioner. First off, the scent is very nice. Not overpowering at all. Second, it shampoo lathers nicely and seems to rinse clean easily. I often feel I have to really work to get other brands of shampoo out of my hair. The conditioner is light, but seem so to pack the perfect level of moisturizing-ness. My hair looks and feel so clean, soft, and healthy after using these products. I would recommend not mixing brands. My hair didn't feel quite as nice when I only had the shampoo to use with my old conditioner.

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