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Used in conjunction with our bioactive Tea Tree shampoo, this incredibly effective formulation improves the condition of the hair by coating and penetrating the hair's external fibers and cellular keratin matrix, allowing our bioactive Tea Tree complex to purify and invigorate the condition of the hair.

User reviews

Prompt delivery and a great product. It conditioned my hair well, leaving it soft and silky. I
The Organic Doctor Tea Tree conditioner is one of the better conditioners I have used. If I could I would rate it 4.5. Tea tree oil is fairly pungent stuff. To my mind it smells a great deal like turpentine, so in order to be willing to use a product with tea tree oil it's got to be awfully good, because the smell is pretty awful. I have tried tea tree oil and products containing it many times, and only once have I found a product I thought was remarkable (and I am not sure it is the tea tree oil which made it so as it was one of many). It seems as though the effectiveness of tea tree oil is very much in doubt given the number of disclaimers I have seen recently on products containing it. All that said, I found this to be a nice light conditioner which did not leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy and which otherwise did what it should....for the most part. It detangled (which a conditioner at minimum should do) and left my hair feeling nice, very soft, except for the ends, which were a bit dry. I have (very) long hair, and that is one of the reasons I use conditioner. The ends are several years older than the rest and are frequently dry, but I had 5 inches cut off last week, and so treating the ends should not have been as big a deal. I got rid of most, if not all of the dry ends. I would say this conditioner is 90% of what I want in a conditioner. If the ends were less dry I would have rated it 5, despite the smell (which, fortunately, did not linger).If you are a fan of tea tree oil, I can say that this product does seem to be one which contains a meaningful amount. It is not just a drop so that they can put it in the name or on the label, like in many other products. It is the first time I have seen it in a hair care product, but given that it is an astringent like witch hazel, it should be effective at cleaning and makes as much sense in shampo and conditioner as it does in skin care products. It makes more sense to me to have it in shampoo than conditioner since it is a pretty effective cleaner, but I had only the conditioner and not the shampoo and so can not say whether or not they work better together. I doubt that having used a more astringent shampoo would have left the ends feeling less dry.I very much like tha it is natural and organic. I use organic products to the extent that I can, and don't like using products with a lot of chemicals. This conditioner is almost there, and one I will use frequently, but I do thing I need something else to treat the ends, which is what prevents me from giving it 5 stars. I like it more than I expected to (because I do not love the smell of tea tree oil) but, it is not the best I have ever used. It is very good though, and I will continue to use it, using my (at this point, favorite) papaya conditioner or an oil treatment once/ week or so on the ends. I think that if I had shorter hair I might have rated it 5 stars as my only issue is that the ends felt dry (and I have maybe 3 feet of hair). For people who do not have dry ends, it is a nice light conditioner which left my hair feeling soft and looking good, It just did not do as much as I would like for the dry ends. The fact that is organic and contains no harmful ingredients would get it 4 stars by itself, being better than most in that regard, and if there were an expanded scale (I frequently feel that 5 stars does not give me the room to differentiate) I would rate it higher. On a 7 point scale I would give it 6 stars, not perfect but very very good.
Reviewed by my wife: I love tea tree oil in my hair products - I feel like it is so soothing and healing for my dry scalp. I was excited to get this conditioner, as I have naturally curly hair that is quite dry, with artificial highlights that exacerbate the problem. I have taken advice of online forums and now use conditioner to wash my hair (skipping shampoo entirely), and have been delighted with the results! Problem with this product is, it's so watery that I'd put a fair-sized portion in my palm (maybe the size of a walnut?) and apply - what would normally cover my whole head of shoulder-length hair very generously - and it would sort of just disappear into my hair. I had to apply about 6 or 7 times the normal mount to be able to feel the silky emollience that a conditioner usually gives. In the course of doing this, a quarter-sized dollop of conditioner slipped through my fingers and landed in the water that was pooling at my feet (because my drain is slow right now), and instead of holding its shape like conditioner normally will do, it feathered around the edges and started dissipating almost immediately. When I was done working it through my hair and rinsing it out, I would say it gave a very, very light conditioning, at best. I would not recommend this product for dry hair, at all, and for oil hair I'd have to say - the value is probably not there because you have to use SO much to get coverage on your scalp. Sorry, not a fit for me.
This is a pretty good conditioner. It is thick but it washes off easily. It makes my hair much easier to brush and it leaves it silky and smooth.If you want to compare to a popular brand, I'd say it's similar to Tresemme Moisture series.The big difference is that this one is organic and it doesn't have all the nasty chemicals Tresemme use. There are too many nasty chemicals in our everyday products, so if there is an easy way to avoid them I'm all for it.I've also tried the Manuka Honey conditioner from the same brand Organic Doctor.I loved the conditioner itself but I could not stand the smell. Ironically, it had a sweet chemical smell.The Tea Tree one smells nice and fresh so go for that one!
My hair really likes tea tree products. I only use conditioner and like to vary it up so my hair does not get build up from any one product. The Organic Doctor Tea Tree Conditioner is a good consistency (not too thin or thick), stayed on my hair and then rinsed off easily, without a greasy feeling residue. I have slightly longer than shoulder length curly hair, and I used about a quarter size application. I rubbed it into my hands first before applying to wet hair. Given I have curly hair, I only comb it wet (usually in the shower), so once I put the conditioner into my hair, I waited a couple of minutes, then combed it through. I probably let it stay in my hair 3-5 minutes, and it did rinse clean. My hair stayed soft all day and held its curl. Double win!!
I needed a conditioner that helped with my frizz and improved my scalp. This tea tree conditioner did just that.A small amount of conditioner goes a long way. I have medium length hair and a quarter size amount was enough. My scalp had this invigorating, tingly, and cooling effect. The smell is strong menthol-like but definitely not overpowering.I received a complimentary bottle of this conditioner; however, the $11.42 price for a medium size bottle of conditioner is a little high. I might purchase this for intermittent use and rotate it through with my other conditioners but would not use it exclusively because of the price.

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