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Silk 18 is an advanced Keratin rich formula that contains 18 Silk Amino Acids to strengthen & fortify hair strands. Anti-aging oils defend hair against aging, by helping to keep it soft & full of volume & shine. Aloe Vera & healing antioxidant Green Tea all work together in perfect harmony to tame frizziness and repair dry and damaged hair. This deep hair conditioner has an abundance of natural ingredients that nourish the scalp, roots and tips of your hair. Argan oil and Jojoba oil are ultra-nourishing and essential moisturizers in our plant oil blend. This conditioner helps to smooth split ends and detangle knots for an easier brushing and combing experience. This vitamin and mineral rich hair mask also helps to reduce dry scalp and dandruff for healthy and hydrated hair.,

User reviews

It's pretty good, but my hair is pretty dry. Its definitely one of the best I've tried, but my hair seems to wanna be dry and frizzy.. No, I've never colored it done anything crazy to it, it's just curly/frizzy.
I love the smell and I love how soft my hair feels after I use this.
The perfect conditioner. Have not used one that is better.
Smells amazing...doesn’t tame the frizz as well as I’d hoped, but still a great conditioner.
After just one use I notice a difference. My hair is softer and less frizzy. Will definitely be buying again
great Hair Conditioner
I received a free sample of this in the mail. I had low expectations, to be honest. i have a full head of thick, curly hair that isn't easily tamed and often feels dried out and straw-like unless I use the most nourishing of conditioners. I tried this on a weekend (just in case my hair looked and felt terrible). I was so pleasantly surprised. The smell is awesome---not overpowering at all but a nice wake-me- up in the shower in the early morning. My hair felt super soft and silky in the shower, but I knew that didn't necessarily mean it would when dry. I left my hair air dry as usual with my usual styling creams. It continued to feel soft and looked frizz free all day. I loved it. I don't use it everyday because my hair tends to "get bored" if I use the same products daily so I rotate this with my other conditioner (DevaCurl). I'm so happy I stumbled upon the free sample, since I rarely buy new or unknown conditioners for fear of wasting my money. This one REALLY WORKS.

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