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Options For Male Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair removal for a man is generally a daily event once guys reach the age of first having to shave their face.

Certainly there have been some great advances in the options for men’s facial hair removal as there are now 5-blade manual razors and electric shavers with a built-in face lotion dispenser now on the market.

Whether you actually need a 5-blade razor is another question of course…won’t 4 blades do?

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For other facial hair removal options for a man that might be a bit more long term, I’ve heard of some men who consider laser or intense pulsed light options to remove facial hair.

Perhaps they have extra eyebrow hair they want permanently removed to avoid having unibrow, maybe it’s some other area with hair that they want reduced.

Obviously when you are considering facial hair removal using a method like laser or light, you’ll want to ensure that you are using a skilled and trained professional conducting the treatment given the sensitive area being treated.

Also, keep in mind that hair removal options like laser and light tend to offer longer term hair removal so there is a chance that the hair you remove won’t grow back!

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