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Depilation is the process of removing hair above the skin. Unlike other hair removal options like waxing and sugaring, depilation does not take the hair out by the root so the hair removal lasts a few days at best. In this regard, it is a very short term method of hair removal.

Popular hair removal products include shaving and the use of chemical depilatory creams, lotions, etc. Because it can refer to various methods of hair removal (i.e. shaving, use of depilatory products like creams or lotions) discussing the benefits and considerations under one umbrella is difficult since various products offer different pros and cons.

To learn more about shaving, please see the shaving page.

Depilation, Related, Hair, Removal, ProductsFor the purposes of this page, here are some things to think about if you’re considering the use of popular chemical products.

Chemical Depilatories: Benefits

  • Compared to hair removal options like laser and light treatment, is relatively cheap.
  • Products can be used at home.
  • Hair removal can be completed quickly.
  • Is available from different manufacturers in different forms such as creams, gels, roll-ons and rub-on lotions.

Chemical Depilatories: Considerations

  • Results generally don’t last for more than several days.
  • When the hair starts growing back, you have to live with the stubble or repeat the depilation to remove the hair again.
  • Chemical depilatories tend to be messy and have a strong smell. Can cause skin irritation on some people.
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