Laser Hair Removal Options

Laser, Hair, Removal, Options
Laser Hair Removal Options The word Laser stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiance. Laser hair removal came into commercial prominence back in the early 1990s. Up until this time, "permanent" hair removal tended to refer to time consuming and painful options such as electrolysis that requires each hair to be treated individually. Laser practitioners...

Hair Removal For A Woman

Hair, Removal, Woman
Here are some options for hair removal for a woman Hair removal for a woman often involves the same hair removal options as the ones that men might consider although in general terms, women are probably more educated on many available options than men are. The main differences between male and female hair removal might be...

Prevention of Hair Loss

It goes without saying that prevention is better than cure. If you take care to keep the hair you’ve got, you will be blessed with better looks and healthier hair. The following measures can be taken before it’s too late: 1. Proteins in Diet Consume protein-rich food. Brown rice is healthy in the sense that it...

Tips To Control Hair Loss This Winter

With winter come tons of hair issues. There are a few easy tips for healthy hair during winter which will help keep your hair strong and shiny. Here are some easy tips to control hair loss that will prevent your scalp from various infections and control hair fall. Boil pieces of amla in coconut...

Option for Dandruff Prevention and Cure in Men and Women

Best Dandruff Care Services Dandruff also known as seborrhea, is the shedding of dead tissue from the scalp. White, flaky substances that fall off your scalp due to drying of skin or insufficient exposure to sunlight, are marked by constant itching accompanied by heating up of the scalp. Dandruff control is not a tough task; one needs...

Traditional Remedies For Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss has been a very serious problem since ages and since that time people has searched for help; one of the first hair fall solutions dates back to the primal Egyptian civilization. The Egyptians prescribed very peculiar combination of herbs like mixture of iron oxide with red lead, onions, alabaster and honey along...

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Intense, Pulsed, Light, Hair, Removal
While laser hair removal is one of the most well known effective methods of hair removal, intense pulsed light hair removal is a newer technology that is believed to offer better long-term results. Like most of the laser hair removal options, intense pulsed light hair removal works best on people who have light colored skin...

Skin Type and Hair Removal

Skin, Type, Hair, Removal
In 1975 a US dermatologist named Thomas B. Fitzpatrick devised a system to classify skin type based on a person's physical attributes and their response to sun exposure. The result is a classification of 6 different skin types: Type I: Very fair skin that always burns and never tans. Type II: Fair skin that always burns and...

Electrolysis: The Permanent Hair Removal Option

Electrolysis, Permanent, Hair, Removal, Option
Electrolysis is a hair removal option that is generally considered to offer permanent hair removal. It was invented over 130 years ago so it's by far the oldest option available and therefore has a long track record. It's a process originally used to treat ingrown eyelashes but developed into a wider use hair removal procedure for...

Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring, Hair, Removal
Sugaring hair removal is similar to waxing but unlike waxing, does not involve heating the substance that is applied to your skin. Like waxing, sugaring hair removal can be painful but it does offer similar results to waxing. Some people choose to create their own sugar product at home from a recipe rather than buying it...

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