Scalp Detox: Everything You Need to Know

Scalp Detox
Many people start off the new year with a body detox, sipping on detox teas, and eating only wholesome antioxidant-rich foods. A massage takes care of the stress, and a seasonal facial cleanses the pores, revitalizes the skin and give your complexion a fresh start. But what about your hair? Healthy shiny hair is one...

How Can You Avoid Keloid Formation After Hair Transplant?

Keloid scarring is a common skin problem. It’s mostly associated with the darker skin types but it can happen to any skin type. A keloid scar is an embossed or raised scar that has grown too much over the skin and it can be permanent, if you haven’t treated it by getting a right...

A Guide to Vitamins For Healthy Hair and Skin

You might disagree, but hear me out on this. My readers often have questions about the recommended vitamins for healthy hair and derm. Here’s what I tell them. To have the best looking hair and the healthiest skin, you need all of the basic, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, indispensable unctuous acids, protein and...

What Is The Price Of Laser Hair Removal?

The price of laser hair removal is usually the first thing that people considering a treatment ask about. Over the last few years, the cost of laser hair removal has increased quite a bit; however, if you take into account the awesome results that you can get by taking the treatment, you will find...

Alopecia Areata Hair Loss

Alopecia Areata is the condition where hair loss can be experienced in a part of a body that has hair. It usually occurs in the scalp, where there can be baldness in one or few areas.  There are also cases where the whole area goes bald because of alopecia areata. The reason for this is because...

What is Alopecia And How Can You Treat It At Home?

What is Alopecia ? Alopecia is the name of a disorder that results in excessive hair loss in certain areas of the body including head, face or other parts of the body. Though this disorder is not threatening to a patient’s life and doesn’t cause any severe physical conditions but hair loss is one of...

Male Laser Hair Removal Tips

Male laser hair removal has become just as popular as female laser hair removal as more and more men are now seeking a solution to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. More men are now finding their hairy bodies to be a nuisance. And there have been some heated debates about the appropriateness of...

Accurate Tips to Stop Hair Loss

Hair is just like a crown of every people. Both of men and women will feel confident when they have a strong hair. It means that hair has a significant role in decorating someone’s appearance. It does not matter if people want to have certain hair styles which have been considered with the shape of...

Laser Hair Removal for Men – Male Treatment

Laser Hair Removal is no longer restricted for women and bodybuilders. A lot more  men are trying to get rid of unwanted hair on different areas of their body. The most commonly targeted areas in laser hair removal for men are the eyebrows, cheeks and neck. However, some men go farther than this. There are a...

Need for Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Best Hot Oil Hair Treatment: How It Helps In Making Your Hair Healthy And Lustrous Healthy Hair Tips There is always a need for the best hot oil treatment to give your hair the much desired moisture to get the look of conditioned hair without the need to condition your hair every day. In case Hot Oil...

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