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In this bundle pack, you will receive three (3) 4 oz. containers of Suavecito Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold. It is a uniquely fresh scented and water-soluble formula designed to replace the wax of the original greasers. This product is similar to the original Suavecito Pomade, but with more muscle behind it. The firme (strong) hold grips like wax, but washes out effortlessly. The creamy consistency allows it to comb in easily, while still providing a strong grip for maximum styling flexibility. Avoid a crunchy, flakey product like you would get with other strong hold hair gels and pomades. In order to reactive your product and keep looking sharp after a ride on your bike simply comb through with water. The moderate shine and unisex, light, fresh scent of Suavecito Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold is perfect for men and women, making it the seamless addition to any grooming kit, no matter where you’re going. Not only do barber and stylists trust it, but the people whose culture inspired the product, bikers, tattoo artists, and custom car lovers love it too. Proudly made in the USA. 4 oz.

User reviews

This has easily become my favorite pomade. I have tried many different types of pomades and found this to be the perfect combination of shine and hold for my preferences. I have naturally poofy hair that is difficult to find a product that works well with other brands such as American Crew to be lacking the necessary hold to keep my hair in line throughout the day. With this pomade, I can generally style in a comb over and pomp that holds well throughout the day.For application, I use about a finger’s worth of product in my hair after I shower and dry with a blow dryer. I then run the pomade through my hair, and I style it using a comb. During times of high humidity that causes my hair to no longer have the original hold, I can lightly wet my hair and restyle using a comb to reaffirm the hold. As it is a water-based pomade, it’s much easier to wash out than oil-based pomades, which is a big plus for me.The smell is pleasant that could just be best described as a “clean-like” scent and not entirely overbearing.The three-pack also provides a good discount over purchasing each one individually and much more affordable than other pomades such as layrite. I would recommend this for people that enjoy a high hold water-based pomade or those that want an introduction to pomades.
I have very thick hair, sometimes hard to control. I have tried many many products, and Suavecito Pomade Firme is the only one I like to use really. First of, the firm hold is a little thicker than your original hold, but not to a point where you can't spread it around your hands/fingers. I take a little and rub it through my hands a few times. When you do it quickly, it makes it a little softer and easier to run through your hair. I generously spread it in my hair...wait a few seconds, then begin combing process. The smell is fantastic, it smells very masculine, and has a deep but nice note on the nose. It has a nice shine to it as well, but not too much either, just enough to give your hair a healthy and good appearance. I also noticed that it is very easy to wash out. I wash my hair with water daily, but i don't always use shampoo, only 2/3 times a week. However even with just water the product washes out very nicely. Some products are so thick you need to wash it out with another product...I have even heard coca cola...not this one. I purchase the regular hold for my son, and also a very good option. Considering the price and what you get, it is an excellent product for a reasonable price.
This has been my everyday and go to hair product. For being a Pomade material, it holds really strong and holds for days. I went on a 3 day backpacking trip and slept in my car while out doing outdoor photography, I had no luxury to a shower but, only to baby wipes. My hair would not move or look like bead head from my sleeps. I recommend this product to my friends all the time and always tell them to try it out from me if they're unsure about the quality. Now that they have experienced it, they really love it so much!PROs:- Holds for days- Strong and firm- Doesn't need much to apply to hair unless you have long hair for a guyCons:- It's 4oz, I've seen some with 6oz. (this isn't really a con, more like me being nit picky based off how much I use.)
I've used so many expensive brands, Johnny Q bs this and that, I will never ever go back to using gel or hairspray, suavecito has been by far the best hair product I've ever used. I work at Pepsi delivering drinks in hot weather, this stuff holds great, maybe after 9 hours of being in the sun my slick ass hair might need a quick comb but the product is fantastic, I just bought some for my 6yr old son and we are firm and loyal suavecito customers for life. It cleanly washes away in the shower, unlike nasty ass gel that stiffens and you gotta wash it hardcore with soap throughout, suavecito only needs water and it's completely gone, the only downside is,, .,, if it ever starts raining or snowing while working, I think I might be screwed. Idk I'll have to see!
The strong/firme hold is perfect for me! I have thick, straight hair that has volume and I previously got sent the wrong item from another, different seller. The regular Suavecito does hold well, but for those who live in humid areas and such I'd find that my hair would start to get soft and some hairs would get out of place by the end of the day. With the Strong/Firme hold my hair stays all day and washes out in a breeze since it's water based. Same, awesome smell as well. When applying I find that the strong hold takes a bit more effort to work in than the regular hold. If you have hair like mine that will not stay in place due to hair type then I'd suggest you try this out.I have tapered sides that comb back and on top is a side comb pompadour for reference.
This stuff works awesome no matter what hair you got or any hair styles you wanna do, this pomade does it all and washes off fairly easy. Rain or shine this stuff will hold down your hair. If someone messes up your hair put all water and comb it to the style you desire and presto your back in style. Only draw back that I had with this stuff it dries out your hair and you get split ends but nothing a little conditioner can't handle. I still give it a 5 star. Been using this pomade for four years great stuff.

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