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Mink Hair Spray is specially formulated to enhance hold, without feeling stiff or sticky, so hair holds naturally and beautifully.

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I have used this product for at least 15 years, and was sick when they took it off the shelves! I could have been their spokes person for this product! It is fabulous! By that, I mean it holds my baby fine hair and short unique one of a kind hair style perfectly all day. My hair has been photographed all over the world, I've been stopped on the street, in stores, restaurants, etc. on a daily basis (that's the truth), and by all age groups. What I love the most about this product, is that I can comb my hair after having sprayed the heck out of it, and it's soft and feels like I never had hair spray on it. I can go on a speed boat ride, and not a hair is out of place when I get back! Do you see why I say I was so upset when I could no longer buy it in the store! And then, a friend put me onto Amazon, because she found it!!! I'm happy again!!! AND PRAY THEY NEVER STOP MAKING IT!!
The product itself is excellent, which is why I keep ordering it. However, the product was shipped to me with 3 of the lids on the 12 cans/bottles broken and taped together. Because they were taped to keep the pieces of the lids together, it was clear they were packaged that way and intentionally shipped with broken lids. The spray nozzles on the cans with the broken lids were not damaged - only the lids.
I have been using this for ten or more years it is a wonderful hairspray and doset leave a residue in your hair as long as I can find this product.. I will only use it. It is very hard to find in stores in my area I wish that More stores would carry it .But if not I will just buy from the interment. I highly recommend this product . Thanks for a great product.
I have been using Mink for as long as it has been on the ma┼Ľket.A few years back I could buy it I any market or pharmacy, now I have to buy it on llne. I have baby fine hair and now live on the Gulf of Mico in Fla. where it is quite humid. I really like the holding power of Mink without making it feel stiff or course. Thank you for a superb prduct.
Great value
I truly was frantic when I could not find Mink hairspray in any store in my area. I finally decided to look on line and to my amazement and satisfaction I found it on Amazon. I bought a case so now I don't have to worry for quite awhile. I love this product and have been using it for probably 15 or more years.
This is the only hairspray I use. It holds exceptionally well and yet is not stiff or sticky like most hairsprays.

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