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Fine mist aerosol hairspray invisibly goes on dry hair to create magical shapes, curls, swirls, loops, swoops waves and holds them with kindness. It's extreme styling and staying power makes hair look and feel supremely sensual, soft and natural.

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The smell is so good on these I get compliments all the time. Plus it's great at cleaning/conditioning. I have fine thin hair that sometimes looks greasy after washing if the product isn't great but this makes my hair thick and flowy!
I use it on my toddler son. He has a lot of hair. It smells amazing and leaves his hair soft, shiny and silky with body. His hair texture is fairly thin and semi curly. I plan to try it on my own hair which is thick and really tight curls. I hope I have good results like him! Either way, I love it for my son which is who I purchased it for. This is my second time buying it after loving it the first time.
love the spray, not the price but as described, rated on the product not the price
Great shampoo and conditioner for fine hair. Wont weigh it down and has a light clean scent.
I love this hairspray. It is a little expensive, but with Amazon, I can get two cans for less than I buy one at the salon. It isn't sticky, but it holds. I have naturally curly hair, but not the kind that just curls and stays. I have to spray, and then fluff it to where I want it to go and STAY. This works beautifully to do that without being hard and making my curls brittle. It works well for straight hair too.
I've been trying many different products over the years trying to find "the one" to keep my hair healthy...mainly the ends since they go through so much abuse. Well...my search is over. I've found it in Agadir oil! My hair is VERY thin, but long. I put about a quarter size amount in my palm and apply to the ends of my hair. I then apply my mousse...and style like normal. The oil doesn't weigh down my hair or feel oily. I've been using it for 2 years now and my hair has been healthy and shiny ever since! When I want to give my hair a deep treatment...I apply more oil to my hair at night and rub it into the roots. I definitely recommend this product if your looking to recover your hair from damage and to keep it healthy!
This product does everything positive that I read in the reviews. This is the only product of this type that I have ever tried. I like that it just blends in to my skin without leaving any oily residue. My skin is in much better shape just after the first week.

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