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ADVANCED HAIR REJUVENATING SOLUTION: Tired of damaged hair? We got you covered! Get three bottles of Coconut Hair Serum to feed your hair with natural ingredients and promote its strength.; NO MORE SPONGE-HAIR FLUFFYPANTS: Humidity can have serious effects on hair, but this incredible formula can keep frizz and flyaways under control. Unlike most serums, ours works on thin and thick hair without the greasy results. Your hair will not be fluffy nor greasy and baby hairs will stay put.; HEALTHY HAIR WITH NATURE'S HELP: Stop damaging your hair with harsh chemicals. Focus Coconut Oil Hair Serum is made with all-natural ingredients. Coconut oil, sweet almond, olive oil, aloe and keratin work together to restore your hair’s natural beauty.; GREAT FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR: Damaged hair can happen to anyone and Focus Hair Serum works great on straight and curly hair. And more important, it works on women and men as well! Even on beards!; GUARANTEED QUALITY: Focus’ incredible Hair Serum is manufactured in an FDA registered CGMP compliant facility. We conduct assay testing, identity testing and micro testing for each batch to ensure the concentration and active ingredients are all present within spec, and more importantly to make sure it follows USP standards and FDA guidelines.

User reviews

This serum is great. It has a very nice scent. Not over powering smell at all, it's a soft coconut beach smell. Makes me feel like I'm in Hawaii. I applied to my hair when it was damp after showering, I then blow dried and curled my hair after. My hair felt soft and was shiny. Will continue using this after my shower from now on.
My daughter wakes up with crazy hair every morning. She has has a very fine hair texture. I wanted to try this to see if it would help her hair straighten out. So far it does seem to be helping. It adds moisture and she doesn’t wake up with monster hair. I think that it could weight down hair if you use to much.
Love this product. Smells fabulous! I like to put it on my scalp and massage at night before bed and then washing it out in the morning, works great! I also use it as a heat protectant and to smooth my frizz and fly-aways after blow drying my hair. I have also used this on my two girls hair when styling.
I have very frizzy and naturally curlly hair so i ordered the product because winter is coming. This product has tamed my crazy hair an it has made ot fill so much healthier. It has a shine to it an it easier to style after inhave been using this product. I will be ordering more o ya an it smells amazing
This has definitely helped me with my fly always and adds a nice shine to my hair. Becareful when you’re applying as a tiny bit goes a long way. There’s been takes that I’ve gotten a little heavy handed and on those days my hair has been flat or weighed down. That being said it doesn’t look greasy etc.
I was skeptical about this and putting oil in my hair. I have medium hair length, just past my shoulder. I use 1-2 pumps and it doesn't leave my hair oily. It helps my scalp and hair send shiner. Will last a long time as the amount of oil in each pump is small but it's the perfect amount.
I love this stuff..... I have really long hair and I add just a touch of the serum to the bottom of my ends and it makes my hair look so wonderful. Shiny but not heavy. A little goes a ways so the value in the bottle is so worth it. The coconut scent is not too strong... Amazing serum.

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