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  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 8.5 inches ; 2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • UPC: 022400650029 885588028178


Consort for men who want their hair to look right without a lot of extra fuss. Never stiff, never sticky, without flowery fragrances or unnatural feel. Just regular hair products for regular guys.

User reviews

Excellent product! I had never tried it prior to ordering, but I took the chance based on all the good reviews. I was not disappointed. This is the most-unscented spray I have used to date, and I used to be an avid American Crew Grooming Spray customer. This product works similarly to the Grooming Spray product but has far less scent; I don't notice the typical hair-spray smell during use or after use. If anything, there is a VERY FAINT fruity smell, which I find quite pleasant. I HATE scented hair sprays, so I really like this product.As to the spraying issues some people experience, I have some suggestions. Run the spray nozzle under warm/hot water for 30 seconds and use your fingertip or a qtip to clean off the build-up. Also move the nozzle around rotationally and up/down while rinsing to remove build-up in those locations. If you do this once in a while, problems are infrequent (I had the same issues with the Crew product pumps). Also, it's a good idea to rotate the nozzle before using the product, to help prevent sticking when you are using the product. Lastly, keep the good nozzles/pumps around after the bottle runs out, in case you get a bad one on future shipments; they are easy to swap out. Cheers!
I use this product in conjunction with the Suavecito pomade. A few sprays on the hair after applying the pomade give you wind-resistent hair style for a whole day. Smells great too.
Product is a 5star and the price is right on. Delivery was quick and the wrapping was the best. BUT.... A bottlehad come unscrewed and one (of a 4 pack) had emptied during (I asume) transit. The result was I got a huge mess, paid for 4 but got3 . What are you gonna do? Oh well. I still recommend them.
I've used the unscented non-aerosol Consort hair spray for years and now my wife uses it for touch ups to keep her hair in place as she goes out the door.
I have ordered these several times over the last few years. My wife now uses it also. Nice hold hair spray without being sticky. The pumps have been very reliable.
I've been using the pump-spray version of Consort for years but can't find it locally any more. A few pumps will hold my fine hair pretty well without being messy or making the hair feel like straw. Great product as far as I'm concerned.
I have one complaint, it sprays in an awkward way, not straight to the hair, I disliked that part about this product, it does hold hair in place well.

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