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  • Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.2 x 9.2 inches ; 2.55 pounds
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  • UPC: 633911744956

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The very best product! I have been using this for years as Farouk was my moms hairdresser growing up and my dad's childhood friend. No bias here, but I have been using this product since it came out as hands down it is the ultimate product for my long, semi-frizzy/curly hair. All you need is a drop not more or it will weigh your hair down, giving you a greasy look. I apply on wet or dry hair, esp. at the ends. It is great for humid or dry days.
Excellent product, makes hair silky soft without being greasy. It works best for me to put on damp hair after I've combed it through so I don't distribute it all over the top of my head keeping it on the lower half of my hair. Highly recommend!
i have been asking my old hairdresser before how dull and dry my hair is and she would recommend me a certain product and i would try them.It will help a little bit but i'm not really satisfied.She left the saloon where i go and a new one he came in.I mentioned to her the same problem i have and she recommended me to try biosilk.Next time i saw her...i told her it works with my hair and just love it.Then i told my daughter about it and gave her a little bit to try. She said that's the best she ever used compared to the one recommended by her hairdresser.So she asked me to get her and that's the reason i ordered this 3 pack.She has a longer hair although,only a few drops is all you needed.I have a shorter hair and it takes me a long time to use up the small bottle i have.So far,these are the best that works with our hair.
Love it, been using it for years. Will not make the hair oily at all but will moisturize and will make your hair sheen very good. I put some on after I shower at night and then in the morning. If needed I mix it a little bit with some hair gel and it makes my hair shine nicely and prevents the gel from becoming brittle and flaky. Works great with hair spray as well.
What a great deal! I thought the pack was a smaller size, because I did not pay attention to the description. I was pleasantly surprised when the item arrived, and I discovered the package was the larger size. Even if it had been the smaller size, it would have been a great deal. BioSilk is expensive. It works, though.
Excellent product! It has so many more uses other than just to use in your hair! My husband has sensitive skin, so he uses it on his face, legs, and arms as well as his hair.....he claims that his gray hair isn't as gray...but sad to say, it still is. lol We've used other products that promise to do the same, example: shiny, lustrous, soft manageable hair, but they don't....Biosilk actually does what it claims! Recommend Biosilk Silk Therapy to all!
I highly recommend this product. I have been using Biosilk Therapy for years and love it.It's been getting hard to find in the stores.The large bottle will last a very long time. I bought the 3pk to share with my daughters. It's the best!

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