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Bad, Baby® was created when we noticed a gap in the hair care market for functional, portable, and high quality hair care products for the modern, hustling, bustling woman. Looking your best doesn't come easy when you've got to manage work, and your own personal life. Ever tried fitting a can of hairspray and dry shampoo in your clutch? Yeah, we know, it doesn't make sense. Bad, Baby® packaging uses only the finest technology, being packaged in the world's first patent-pending Aerosmall®, Aerosol Technology. Pen sized and compact so your hair can stay in top shape wherever your day may take you. With no need for fillers or modification, each and every Bad, Baby® product contains naturally sourced ingredients. Our NutriBlast® complex includes natural milk thistle oil, and apricot extract, Vitamin E, and keratin won't just ensure the job is done, but is also GREAT for your hair. No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates; always. Made with Aerosmall® Technology Pen-sized for on the go use. Over 200 Sprays per can. TSA Approved.

User reviews

My cousin loved it! Got it for her as a small gift! She told me its the most useful item in her purse now!
Great to have it in my bag, coat pocket..smells good too.
I just received my hairspray pen today and am already so pleased with it! I don't like to carry a lot in my bag and this is perfect size for me! It has a nice hold to it while still keeping the hair soft and not sticky like other hairsprays. I plan on bringing this pen with me everywhere I go.
I live in a humid, subtropical climate, and these little hair spray pens are perfect for tucking into my handbag for emergencies. The hair spray has a nice smell and gives a flexible hold. They're about the size of a Sharpie marker. They would also be perfect for travel.
This is the smartest and most useful product I've ever bought. Thank you thank you!!!!! My life now is: phone, keys, wallet, and hairspray pen.
Super quick delivery and amazing product! I can't wait to try the freeze when it gets back in stock! It's not sticky and it works well on frizzy hair too. Perfect for my little bags and will be traveling soon overseas.
Awesome hairspray. Works very well but the best part is the size. You can fit it into the smallest of bags and purses. It's a must have for travel, no problem taking it on the plane. Also, it smells delish!

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