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AsaVea's Argan Oil is 100% certified organic and made in the USA. Rigorously tested for the highest quality assurance, we guarantee that you will be receiving a bottle of absolute goodness.Argan oil has been treasured for centuries by Moroccans. This ancient beauty secret is a natural, gentle and safe remedy for improving skin, hair, nails and lips.Argan Oil's Many Benefits-Treat dry hair with argan oil as a leave-in conditioner for instant moisture.-Treat dry hair with argan oil as a leave-in conditioner for instant moisture.-Protect hair from heat with argan oil-Tame frizz and add shine to hair-Soften dry and brittle nails-Minimize stretch marks by rubbing oil over pregnant belly-Hydrate and heal dry scalp-Moisturize dry and flaky skin-Heal chapped lips

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not only can this product be used as a leave in but also as a heat protectant! It's very lightweight, doesn't leave your hair oily, but provides a lot of moisture. Perfect for traveling. 100% pure!!
This stuff is amazing. And it smells amazing! It reminds me of the old VS root pump and smoothing serum I use to use. I'm pretty sure they discotnued it which bummed me out a little becuase I loved the smell so much.The first time I used his product I think I used a little too much just becuase it did look a little oily after. So now I only apply it to the ends, but it makes my hair so soft and smooth. I'll definitely buy again.
Love this oil! Use a lot! Very pleased with this purchase! Helps the skin to stay soft.
I couldn't thank you enough for this product. I have extremely dry skin due to the weather condition here in our place, and nothing helps me moisturize my skin but this alone. I'm using this oragnic oil everyday and I can see so much difference from before. I ordered a few more for my family.
I thought the single bottle will not be enough to supply my thin, curly hair. But surprisingly, 4-5 drops was enough. It's been more than a few weeks since I'm using this but it still has a little more. I will buy again and will recommend this to my friends!
I am truly happy that this product is so effective. I have a shiny and healthy skin and hair now unlike before that my skin's dry and that my hair is frizzy. This is much effective than any other recommended organic treatments of hair and skin care.
The real deal.

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