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STYLING SQUAD RESETS AND REFRESHES ALL HAIR TYPES - Enjoy a 24k spa treatment after a long day: Our clarifying 8 Fl.Oz hair mask rejuvenates all hair types to leave you feeling fresh from coarse to fine, natural and color-treated hair; MADE WITH BRAZILIAN GOLD CLAY - Negatively charged ions in gold clay lift out impurities to clarify locks and make room for the essential vitamins and nutrients found in the hair conditioning treatment; MADE WITH THE ARGAN OIL FOR CURLY HAIR - We bump up the vitamin E in argan oil with the nourishing aspects of Brazilian pequi oil, whose 3% concentration level has shown 34% frizz reduction and 36% better curl retention when applied to hair; BEST FOR OVER STYLED HAIR - This works best on hair that needs a refresh, such as oily or over processed locks, though gentle enough to use on dry damaged hair. Increase or decrease frequency of treatments depending on your hair; CURL-TO-GIRL EASY TO USE LEAVE IN HAIR MASK - Wash hair and squeeze out excess water. Apply from roots to tips, leaving on for 20 minutes. If needed, leave on overnight under a shower cap before rinsing thoroughly. When applying, start small and increase amount if needed

User reviews

I'm really digging this hair care product brand. I feel like they are better than the others because they don't leave anything oily but still are leaving my hair feeling fresh and soft and refreshed. This was easy to use, a good smell but not overpowering. Just follow the directions on all of their products which remind you to find what is just right for your hair and hair type. I don't do this more than once every week or two.
I bought this clarifying hair mask and a deep conditioning hair mask from xtava. This clarifying mask I needed to help rid my roots of product buildup from styling my hair everyday. After shampooing, I put this on my scalp and work it down to the ends of hair. I mostly focus on massaging it into my scalp and I leave it on for about 20 minutes. My hair feels so clean and soft after. I use this twice a week.
I got several of these hair products and the clarifying hair mask is definitely my favorite. I bought it because I use a lot of hair spray on my hair and I wanted something that could get all the hairspray out. I put it on in the shower and rinsed it right before I got out. My hair was so soft and felt so lite! Now I keep it in my shower so I can use it every few weeks.
We all need to clarify our hair at times whether it is from styling products, dry shampoo, or environmental elements. My hair gets weighed down and the buildup makes my hair look dull. Unfortunately, most clarifying products dry my hair out. This isn't the case with this clarifying mask! It not only clarifies but also moisturizes! My hair was left vibrant and moisturized!
xtava products are started to take up space in my cabinet and for good reason. The products have a mild, smell which I appreciate. I dislike things the are too fragrant. I have pretty damaged hair .. split ends and very dry during the winter season. I love the way this makes my hair feel after using it. I try to use it about 3x a week!
This is a great hair mask. My hair constantly felt greasy and after switching up my shampoo and conditioner multiple times, I decided to give this a try and I am so glad I did. It is easy to use and after washing out the product, my hair felt soft and clean. I now using this every few weeks to keep my hair feeling healthy.
I live in New England and we run a woodstove so I end up with dry skin and hair. This product is wonderful! I was nervous trying it but what a difference it made! My hair is soft (not oily) and no longer dried out. This is a great gift for family or friends. If you struggle with dry hair then this is the product for you!

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